What are the 'problems of the App Store' pointed out by app developers?

On devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, you can basically install apps only from the App Store, which is the official app store operated by Apple. As a result, it has been pointed out that Apple has too much discretion over apps distributed on the platform.

Costa Elephseriou, who developed ' FlickType ', a keyboard app for Apple Watch, points out the problems of the App Store in his Twitter account.

Kosta Eleftheriou (@keleftheriou) / Twitter

'There's a big problem with the App Store, for example, let's say you're a serious developer and you're working hard to improve your in-app purchase revenue, while among your competitors,' said Eleph Seriou. There is a fact that fraudulent activity worth $ 2 million a year is rampant, 'he said, pointing out that the more serious developers are losing money on the App Store.

Mr. Eleph Seriou has been working hard over the past few years to develop 'FlickType', a keyboard app for Apple Watch. 'I think it's the best keyboard app for the Apple Watch in the world,' Erefseriou said of FlickType. In developing FlickType, Eleph Seriou's first goal was '1: Being able to enter characters on the Apple Watch at a reasonable speed' and '2: Being ahead of the competitors that will appear' It was 'to release'.

'By achieving the first goal, FlickType became the top paid app in 2020,' Elevseriou claims, but FlickType was another goal, 'introducing. We couldn't achieve 'Release ahead of any competitors'. And the reason seems to have been unexpected.

'Until just a few months ago, my app development was far ahead of my competitors. When my competitors were facing the difficulties of the AutoCorrect algorithm, I was already swiping the keyboard. At this point, character input on the Apple Watch using FlickType was approaching the speed of typing input on the iPhone. '

So how did competitors succeed in releasing a keyboard app for the Apple Watch earlier than Mr. Eleph Seriou? The method is simple, 'an app that looks like a keyboard app for the Apple Watch.' Just release it. This app doesn't work properly as a keyboard, but using the FlickType and promotional movies published by Eleph Seriou, you can make a big 'app that looks like a keyboard app for Apple Watch' on Facebook and Instagram. I advertised it.

When an advertised user launches an 'app that looks like a keyboard app for the Apple Watch,' a screen with a button labeled 'Unlock now' without detailed instructions is displayed. If you tap this button, you will be required to register for a high-priced subscription of $ 416 (about 44,000 yen) a year.

The app store review section is designed to prevent users from accidentally using these fraudulent apps. If the app doesn't work properly, the reviews will be flooded with low ratings and comments such as 'the app doesn't work', which encourages users to give up on the installation.

However, Eleph Seriou points out that the 'app that looks like a keyboard app for Apple Watch' posted a large number of 5 star rating reviews, and the review section did not work at all.

Eleph Seriou points out that such false reviews are afflicting serious app developers. He also points out that it is very difficult to correct such false reviews and that it has remained one of the problems of the App Store for a long time.

Some of the false reviews include factual reviews, saying, 'It's a scam. What a suspicious business. I installed this app, but it doesn't work at all. There is no free version, and it costs $ 7.99 a week. I'll have to pay for it too. ' As a matter of course, it seems that the evaluation was the lowest star 1.

Eleph Seriou claims that there are many such fraudulent apps on the App Store that bother many developers. Using these empty apps, scammers are exploiting a lot of money every day from unsuspecting users, and the driving force behind it is that even if you lie, it remains undeleted. Eleph Seriou points out that it is in the 'Review section of the non-functional App Store'.

In light of these facts, 'I'm with them because scammers are willing to break the rules of the App Store and take unethical actions that ordinary developers like me can never do. It's impossible to race, 'says Eleph Seriou.

In addition, Mr. Eleph Seriou cites KeyWatch as 'an application that looks like a keyboard application for Apple Watch' created by fraudsters, and it is possible to use a fraudulent application as the same review wording is reused in the application called Text. I warn you that there is sex.

'Please do something, Apple, I'm about to give up,' said Eleph Seriou, who said it was a problem beyond the control of individual app developers. I'm looking for a solution.

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