There is also a movie in which smoke rises from under the snow, where a fire has continued since last summer in an extremely cold region with a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius.


Republic of Sakha , located in the northeastern part of Russia, is a frigid region with much of the soil being permafrost , and is also one of the coldest places in the world where humans live. In January 2021, it was reported that forest fires that have continued since the summer of 2020 are still continuing, even though the temperature has recorded nearly -50 degrees Celsius in the Republic of Sakha.

Peat fires continue to burn at air temperature of -50C in northeastern Yakutia

Yakutsk , the capital of the Republic of Sakha, is a city with a population of 210,000, but temperatures can drop below -50 degrees Celsius in the midwinter. According to the forecast of, the official media of the Japan Weather Association, the maximum temperature on January 28, 2021 was minus 42 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature was minus 54 degrees Celsius. Since then, the severe cold has continued, with the minimum temperature often falling below -50 degrees Celsius.

In the

village of Saidy in the Thomponsky district , 400 km northeast of Yakutsk, a fire was photographed despite the temperature recording -50 degrees Celsius. Below is a movie of the fire shot by local resident Ivan Zakharov on January 23.

Zombie fire in Yakutia --YouTube

The movie captures the smoke rushing into the snowy landscape.

The smoke rises through a gap in the ground buried in the snow, indicating that a fire is occurring under the snow. Zakharov tweeted, 'It's January 2021, and it's still burning,' with a forest fire in the same suburbs of Yakutsk in the summer of 2020 in mind. The one. The fire did not occur in winter, and it is believed that the fire that occurred last summer continues.

The surrounding area is covered with a snowy landscape, so it is not an environment where fires are likely to continue ...

Zakharov points out that the peat contained in the soil must continue to burn as fuel. Peat is a type of coal with relatively low carbonization and is accumulated in the soil in a mud-like state.

The amount of smoke was quite large, and the leeward side had poor visibility.

Also, this is a movie shot in November 2020 shared by the local newspaper Tomponsky Vestnik newspaper.

Zombie Fire Yakutia --YouTube

If you watch the movie, you can see the smoke rising around the snow field.

You can see multiple smokes in the distance.

In addition, this is the movie when

Deutsche Welle , a public broadcaster in Germany, reported on the fire that occurred in the summer of 2020, which seems to be the cause of the fire shot this time.

Massive wildfires in Siberia fueled by record heat | DW News --YouTube

What looks like clouds over the earth is all smoke from forest fires.

Since there is no snow in the summer, you can see the burning ground well.

There is also a scene where a fierce flame burns.

Although the authorities have extinguished the fire, it was not possible to extinguish everything by winter, and it continues to burn under the snow even when the temperature drops to -50 degrees Celsius.

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