Starbucks 'Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino' tasting review that makes the mouth full of chocolate with an overwhelming presence of chocolate

' Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino ' with a generous amount of chocolate topping with a crunchy texture on top of the chocolate Frappuccino has been released by Starbucks for a limited time from January 27, 2021. I actually drank a glass of chocolate and checked the taste.

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Arrived at Starbucks to drink 'Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino'.

On the blackboard placed at the entrance of the store, the desired 'Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino' was appealing.

'Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino' looks like this. A generous amount of whipped cream is sprinkled on top of a dark brown chocolate frappuccino, and three types of chocolate toppings are sprinkled on top.

The chocolate topping looks like this. Black cocoa biscuits with a crunchy texture, black cocoa crumbs that crumble, and cube chocolate are topped with plenty.

Seen from the side, it looks like this. Chocolate Frappuccino is kneaded with two types of cocoa powder and the above three types of chocolate toppings.

When you actually drink it, the chocolate frappuccino is less sweet and you can enjoy the bittersweetness of cocoa. Also, since the black cocoa clam comes into my mouth with Frappuccino, I enjoyed the texture that crumbles. Satisfaction is high because you can enjoy chocolate toppings with different textures such as smooth cube chocolate and black cocoa biscuits with a crunchy texture. As with Frappuccino, the three types of chocolate toppings are also modest in sweetness, so it is a recommended drink for those who want the flavor of cacao, not the sweetness of chocolate.

'Chocolate on the Chocolate Frappuccino' is available in tall only sizes and is 620 yen plus tax. You can drink it at Starbucks nationwide except for some stores for a limited time from January 27, 2021 to February 14, 2021.

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