Research results show that 'health even if you are fat' is impossible

So far, it has been suggested that there is

good obesity that is 'healthy even if you are fat', but in the latest paper published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology , a medical journal run by the European Society of Cardiology , ' Excessive fat can have a negative effect on the heart, even in people who are exercising. '

Being fat linked with worse heart health even in people who exercise

So far, some studies have shown that moderate exercise may reduce 'the negative effects of excess weight on heart health.' It has been suggested that 'people who are fat but exercising' may have healthier cardiovascular disease than 'people who are lean but not exercising.'

However, Dr. Alejandro Lucia, author of the latest treatise published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology and working at the European University of Madrid in Madrid, the capital of Spain, said, 'Our treatise is regularly exercised. This is the first to show that it is unlikely to eliminate the 'adverse effects of excess body fat on the human body'. Our findings show that 'active lifestyles completely affect the harmful effects of obesity.' It is in direct opposition to the idea that it can be counteracted, 'he said, denying the idea that he is healthy even if he is fat.

Dr. Lucia and colleagues used data from 527,662 working adults with major Spanish health insurance to conduct a large-scale survey on obesity and health. The average age of the subjects is 42 years, and the male-female ratio is 68% for males and 32% for females.

The doctors first classified the subjects into three groups according to the

body mass index (BMI): 'normal weight (BMI: 20-24.9)', 'overweight (BMI: 25-29.9)', and 'obesity (BMI: 30-)'. .. As a result, 42% were 'normal weight', 41% were 'overweight', and 18% were 'obese'.

Next, it was divided based on the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended amount of exercise per week for adults, 'moderate exercise of 150 minutes or more per week, or high-intensity exercise of 75 minutes or more'. We investigated which of the three stages, 'exercise above the WHO recommended value', 'exercise below the WHO recommended value', and 'not exercising at all'. Then, 24.2% of the subjects 'exercise above the WHO recommended value', 12.3% 'exercise below the WHO recommended value', and 63.5% 'do not exercise at all'. have become.

Finally, we investigated whether it applies to 'diabetes,' 'high cholesterol,' and 'hypertension,' which are the major risk factors for heart attack and stroke, based on the degree of cardiovascular health. As a result, 30% of the subjects were judged to have 'high cholesterol', 15% to have 'hypertension', and 3% to have 'diabetes'.

Looking at the data based on BMI grouping, it is clear that people who are exercising are less likely to have diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure than those who are not exercising in any group. .. So, Dr. Lucia said, 'This result shows that everyone, regardless of weight, needs to exercise to stay healthy.'

All subjects are less likely to develop diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure as they exercise more, saying, 'The more exercise you have, the better, so it's better to walk 30 minutes a day than to walk 15 minutes a day.' Dr. Lucia said.

It has also been shown that subjects classified as 'overweight' or 'obesity' are more likely to be at risk for cardiovascular disease than subjects classified as 'normal weight', regardless of physical activity. .. The 'obesity exercising above the WHO recommended value' group has twice the risk of hypertension and diabetes compared to the 'normal weight exercising above the WHO recommended value' group. The risk of hypertension is 4 times higher and the risk of high blood pressure is 5 times higher.

In response to these results, Dr. Lucia said, 'I don't think exercise compensates for the negative effects of obesity. This finding was confirmed even when men and women were analyzed separately,' he said. Claims to be a discovery.

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