The overly chaotic 'Labfit Adventure Cart' that fuses Nintendo's popular titles is born


Nintendo Labo ' where you can make and play peripheral devices for Nintendo Switch, Toy-Con using cardboard, ' Wii Fit ' where you can easily enjoy fitness while playing games, and play games using a special ring-shaped controller, Ringcon The original game ' Lab Fit Adventure Cart ', which is a forcible combination of the four ' Ring Fit Adventure ' that allows you to train your body while doing so, and the popular Nintendo racing game 'Mario Cart 8 Deluxe ', has appeared.

I Connected an Exercise Bike to Mario Kart! | Labo Fit Adventure Kart --YouTube

I wonder if the Nintendo Labo logo came out ...

It has been fused with three different logos, 'Fit', 'Adventure' and 'KART'.

Labfit Adventure Kart is a new game where you can play Mario Kart while fitness.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch, you need two 'bike con' and 'ring con'.

That's why 'Labfit Adventure Cart Direct', which imitates Nintendo Direct , which is the official distribution of Nintendo, has started.

Mike Choi , the developer of Labfit Adventure Cart, has appeared.

It seems that Choi created the Labfit Adventure Cart with the idea of having fun doing exercise by multiplying his weak exercise with his favorite Nintendo.

Nintendo has released titles such as Wii Fit and Ring Fit Adventure, and along with this, we have announced various dedicated controllers.

However, Mr. Choi seems to have been unable to maintain motivation for the movement with the titles released by Nintendo so far. There are several titles that you can move while playing games such as Ring Fit Adventure,

Fit Boxing, and Jump Rope Challenge, but many people will say that even though they have played these titles, they will not last long. Choi is one such person.

So, Choi is trying to combine his favorite Nintendo title with an exercise-specific controller. That is the Labfit Adventure Cart.

One of the three elements that make up the Labfit Adventure Cart is the Bikecon. The bike con is not officially released by Nintendo, but Choi made it by combining cardboard, exercise bike, and sensor.

Since the sensor for detecting the movement of the pedal is embedded in the bike controller, it is possible to adjust the strength of the accelerator in the game according to the number of revolutions.

The second element is the 'ringcon'. Not only can you operate the cart by tilting the ring controller to the left or right ...

You can use items in the game by crushing the ring control.

And the third element is the original module 'TAPBO'.

TAPBO is an accessory that is used by attaching Joy-Con (L) as shown below, and automatically presses the Joy-Con button according to the movement of the player.

It is no exaggeration to say that TAPBO is a key accessory for Labfit Adventure Cart because it communicates wirelessly with Ringcon and BikeCon.

TAPBO looks like this.

When Joy-Con is attached to TAPBO, two arms, blue and green, cover the Joy-Con button and push the button according to the player's movement.

This is the back of TAPBO. At the top is a wireless chip, at the bottom is a microcontroller, and a rechargeable battery.

It is used by connecting the red and black cables inside the ring controller to TAPBO.

The blue arm of TAPBO pushes the accelerator button of Joy-Con based on the number of rotations of the pedal detected by Bike Con. Note that if you stop pedaling, the in-game cart will stop.

When you push the ring controller, the green arm of TAPBO pushes the item use button, so you can use the item in the game.

The state of actually playing the Labfit Adventure Cart is as follows. You have to keep pedaling all the time during the race, and you need to crush the ringcon to use the items that are indispensable to overtake other players in the Mario Kart race, so just one race is quite a body Is likely to be overloaded.

Furthermore, in the movie, even a limited edition that includes TAPBO's amiibo is introduced.

In addition, Choi's is to own the case part of TAPBO using a 3D printer, micro-controller manufactured by Teensy in parts, Digi XBee -made wireless chip, SparkFun use a substrate made of. An infrared detection sensor is used for the bike controller. Choi is programming to combine these to play Mario Kart, but the code has not been released.

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