GitHub suspends repository of torrent sharing site '' and receives application from Motion Picture Association


Motion Picture Association (MPA) has submitted a deletion request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to the repository of the torrent sharing site ' ' published on GitHub. GitHub has received this request and has suspended the repository.

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BitTorrent is a file sharing software that uses P2P technology to communicate between multiple computers. Since data is distributed and stored on many computers, it is difficult to identify the download destination, so it is often used as an illegal upload destination for movies, TV programs, songs, etc.

Why are BitTorrent downloads so hard to identify? --GIGAZINE

To download BitTorrent data, you need a file called 'Torrent file' that contains the destination information of the computer that has the data, and the Torrent sharing site '' can upload and download such torrent files. .. What is hosted on is just a 'Torrent file', and the Torrent file itself does not contain any content data itself.

MPA with members such as

Paramount Pictures Corporation , Sony Pictures Entertainment , Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, etc. applied to the GitHub repository of on January 14, 2021 based on DMCA. Was submitted to GitHub. According to MPA, 'the operation and development of's'nyaa'repository has caused widespread copyright infringement of movies and TV programs,' and ''s code is a copyright-infringing movie and TV program. It is pre-configured to provide users with a copy of. '

Following the MPA application, GitHub suspended the repository. At the time of writing the article, it is no longer possible to check the source code of In addition, the repository of '' was stopped this time, and the website of '' itself can be accessed even at the time of article creation.

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On the overseas news site Hacker News , 'If infringes the copyright, it will be illegal depending on the content that NGINX of the web server also distributes,' and MPA points out ' There is a debate about where in the source code the 'pre-configured to provide infringing content' refers.

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