A crow living in the Tower of London disappears and the 'legend of the kingdom collapse' is whispered

The Tower of London, which stands on the banks of the River Thames in London, England, originated from a fortress built in the 11th century and was once used as a palace for the king, as well as a prison for imprisoning and executing political prisoners. It was. It is said that one crow that lives in the Tower of London has disappeared and the 'legend of the collapse of the kingdom' is being whispered.

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Built in the 11th century, the Tower of London has a history of being used as a palace, prison, mine, observatory, and royal zoo, and even at the time of writing the article, weapons are stored and jewelry is exhibited. In addition, more than 6 crows are always bred in the Tower of London, and a guard in a position called 'Ravenmaster' is taking care of the crows.

Ravens bred in the Tower of London are larger than the crows commonly found in Japan. According to one theory, crows proliferated in London in the wake of the Great Fire of London in 1666 and settled in the Tower of London.

According to legend, when King Charles II of England considered extermination in the 17th century, the fortune-teller predicted that 'the Tower of London will collapse when the crow disappears, and the United Kingdom that lost the Tower of London will be destroyed.' It is said that Charles II took this opportunity to order that 'the number of crows in the Tower of London should not be reduced to less than six', and the guards began to take care of the crows.

However, on January 13, 2021, the Tower of London's official Twitter account reported that a crow called 'Merlina' had disappeared before Christmas 2020 and may have died. The Tower of London of the crow flight feather are in good condition, otherwise the thing that would flew somewhere far away.

About Merlina, who has been bred in the Tower of London since 2007, official Twitter commented, 'I was the undisputed ruler of the roost and the Queen of the Tower of London.' In particular, he seems to have a strong bond with Raven Master Chris Skyf, and many photos of Merlina are posted on Skyf's Instagram .

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It seems that Mr. Skyf was also able to talk with Merlina.

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Mr. Skyf commented that he was concerned about Britain as a Raven Master who raised crows to prevent the collapse of Britain. However, in addition to Merlina, seven crows, Poppy, Erin, Jubilee, Rocky, Harris, Gripp, and George, are bred at the Tower of London, and there is no danger that the number of crows will fall below six soon. In the future, new crows will be bred at the Tower of London to fill the vacant seats in Merlina.

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