After tens of thousands of trials and errors, a fierce man who succeeded in 'Ultra Shortcut' that can skip almost all the rainbow roads of Mario Kart Wii appeared

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Mario Kart series has 'shortcuts' that can be said to be shortcuts that can advance the race in an advantageous way, and there are many shortcuts in the latest work 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ' for Nintendo Switch. Exists. There is an ' Ultra Shortcut ' for Wii that can significantly shorten the lap time compared to normal shortcuts in ' Mario Kart Wii ', but it can only be realized with the tool assisted speedrun performed on the emulator. There are also many ultra shortcuts. A fierce man who succeeded in ' Ultra Shortcut on the Rainbow Road of Mario Kart Wii ' that could only be realized on the emulator has appeared and has become a hot topic.

After tens of thousands of attempts, Mario Kart fan finally pulls off Rainbow Road 'ultra shortcut'

Mario Kart Wii has a trick called 'Ultra Shortcut' that can be a much shorter shortcut than a normal shortcut. Ultra Shortcuts are extremely difficult, so there are many courses that can only be realized on an emulator, and it is a technique that has been refined by core gamers trying their skills. The following article summarizes how Ultra Shortcut was born and how it works.

History of 'Ultra Shortcut' that can shorten the lap time of Mario Kart Wii --GIGAZINE

Ultra shortcuts have been found in multiple courses, but the one that is said to be 'indispensable when talking about ultra shortcuts' is the 'Rainbow Road' ultra shortcut. Ultra shortcuts require you to press the button at the perfect time while tracing the appropriate route, but there are many courses that can only be achieved on an emulator. Rainbow Road's Ultra Shortcut has only been realized on the emulator, and the last actual success story was 'Successful on the emulator in 2016'.

In January 2021, a successful case of such an ultra shortcut on the Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road was reported for the first time in five years. It was Arthur who succeeded in the ultra shortcut on Rainbow Road, and he said that he had repeated tens of thousands of trials and errors in the five years until success.

History has been made! --Twitch

Baby Daisy who decides the start dash and jumps out vigorously

Continue running a little and stop suddenly.

Then rotate 180 degrees and face the starting point. Jugem is floating in front of me to note that he is running backwards.

I will run backwards at the last minute of the course ...

Run outside the rails to prevent them from going off course, and use dash mushrooms to rush out of the course.

Land on the course on the other side as it is.

There is a Jugem in front of me that warns me that I'm running backwards, but I'm ignoring this and running ...

When I crossed the goal line as it was, I succeeded in making one lap of Rainbow Road in just 22.526 seconds.

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