Microsoft and Oracle announce plans to develop a 'vaccination passport' app

The Commons Project, which aims for safe border traffic, has partnered with numerous companies and organizations such as Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and Mayo Clinic to digitally manage vaccination against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine. Announced the launch of the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) . VCI aims to enable vaccinated people to access digital records using their smartphones to use them as certificates to safely return to work, resume school, attend events and travel. ..


Broad Coalition of Health and Technology Industry Leaders Announce Vaccination Credential Initiative to Accelerate Digital Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Records | Business Wire to-COVID-19-Vaccination-Records

Covid Vaccine Digital Credentials See Interest From Microsoft, Salesforce --The New York Times

Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle working on Covid vaccination passport

Vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more widespread, and the United States provides vaccinated people with paper certificates, and the move to digitize such certificates is VCI.

In a statement announced on January 13, 2021, VCI said, 'Current vaccination recording systems are not easily accessible, controlled, or shared certification records. VCI members are members of the standardization body World Wide. We are working to provide digital access to vaccination records using the Web Consortium (W3C) Verifiable Credentials and the open and interoperable SMART Health Cards Framework based on the HL7 FHIR standard. '

The goal of VCI is to allow users to obtain encrypted data of vaccination credentials and store it in any digital wallet. It is expected that paper with a QR code printed will be distributed to those who do not have a smartphone.

The Commons Project, which participates in VCI, has already created a separate application called 'Common Pass' that digitally manages PCR test and vaccination records, and is already used by several airlines .

CommonPass — The Commons Project

VCI has not published a development timeline, and it is unknown at the time of writing the article when the app will be completed and published. We also don't know how to move from already issued paper certificates to digital.

It has been pointed out that such an 'immunity passport' that lifts behavioral restrictions from people who have acquired immunity to illness has problems in terms of both practice and ethics.

10 problems with 'immunity passport' --GIGAZINE

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