A 71-year-old man who recovered from 'a new type of moderate coronavirus infection' has a record of fighting illness released



A 71-year-old man who continued to fight against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) for about a month from November to late December 2020, from the onset of COVID-19 until he recovered safely We have released a record of fighting illness on the Internet that summarizes the experiences and changes in feelings during the period. By reading the experience report, you can clearly understand how the 'moderate' COVID-19, which recovered without hospitalization, has an effect on the human mind and body.

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At the time of writing, 71-year-old Hugh Pickens is a physicist who has worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center during his active career. He is also known on the Internet as an avid Slashdot user who has posted over 1400 articles on the online bulletin board Slashdot .

Below is a picture of Mr. Pickens just before he was diagnosed with COVID-19.



It was on November 24, 2020 that something happened to Mr. Pickens' body. Pickens, who measures and records his body temperature, weight, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels daily, noticed that he had a fever of 38 degrees on that day. Mr. Pickens wasn't thinking seriously at the time, but when he underwent a COVID-19 test at the recommendation of his doctor the next day, he was diagnosed as positive and found to have been infected with COVID-19. Mr. Pickens has been practicing home isolation since around March 2020, and since he did not go out except when he went out for shopping with a mask once or twice a week, he was specifically infected with COVID-19. The date and place are unknown, and the infection route is unknown.

For three days after the test was positive, he was fine and had no change in his physical strength or appetite, so Pickens began to think, 'I may be an asymptomatic infected person.' However, on the morning of the fourth day, my condition suddenly changed and I could not get up from bed. In addition, Mr. Pickens, who had completely lost his appetite, ate almost only jelly for about a month from this time until he recovered. 'I just didn't like the food and didn't want to eat any solids,' said Pickens, who said he didn't experience the 'loss of smell and taste' seen in some COVID-19 patients. I remember it.

For the next three weeks, Pickens slept in bed 20 times a day, except going to the bathroom to urinate. I don't drink a lot of drinks, so I don't know why he urinates so much, but he said he had to go to the bathroom often. Also, while he was awake, he had coughing and sputum, but he did not feel any physical discomfort or pain.

However, because I had no appetite and could only eat jelly, I lost 25 pounds (about 11.3 kg). In addition, I became short of breath with just a little movement, and although I was diagnosed as having no direct relationship with COVID-19, I also suffered from symptoms such as heavy bleeding from my gums.

Below are photos of Mr. Pickens 3 days (left) and 3 weeks (right) after being diagnosed with COVID-19.



Pickens also experienced hallucinations and nightmares as well as physical symptoms. Pickens said he wasn't particularly scared to hear the voices of his father, who died 20 years ago, and his wife, who died three years ago, while he was awake, because he knew that 'both of them have died.' Is a comment. However, it was very difficult for the people I met in my life since I was conscious to blame Mr. Pickens for having a nightmare at night.

After that, Pickens began to recover four weeks after the onset, and six weeks later, his doctor diagnosed him as 'no longer infected with COVID-19.' Pickens, who survived COVID-19 and shave his beard cleanly to commemorate, said, 'If I could get one good thing from COVID-19, it was an opportunity to reconsider my life. I'm 71 years old and I don't know if I have 5 or 10 years left, but from now on I want to live every day like the last day of my life. '

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