It is revealed that Sony plans to discontinue production of multiple models of PS4

'Japanese retailers have reported that Sony plans to discontinue production of multiple models of PlayStation 4 (PS4),' reports several overseas game media.

Sony will discontinue multiple PS4 models, according to a Japanese retailer | VGC

Japanese retailer reports Sony is set to discontinue multiple PS4 models?

The media reports on the following photos and tweets that were taken in Japan. Twitter user @ Cheesemeister3k posted a photo that seems to have been taken at a Japanese retail store, saying, 'To our customers, the following products have been manufactured by the manufacturer and will not be in stock in the future.' There is a note that. According to this note, it seems that 5 models of PS4 Glager White (500GB and 1TB model), Jet Black (1TB and 2TB model), PS4 Pro Glager White (1TB model) have been discontinued. ..

At the time of writing the article, there is no official report from Sony, but as of December 2020, the PS4 and PS4 Pro sales pages are out of stock on PlayStation Direct , which was opened as the official PlayStation online store for the United States, and PS4 Pro On the product page, the message 'There are no plans to restock this product in the future' was displayed . In addition, it is said that this message has been deleted at the time of article creation.

VGC of the game industry media says, 'Given the strong demand for PS5 and Sony's words ,'Move players to the next generation (PS5) at a scale and pace never offered before', it will be an old model. It doesn't feel strange if the PS4 and PS4 Pro are gradually discontinued. '

In an interview with Mr. Masayasu Ito, who is in charge of hardware engineering and operation of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Mr. Hideaki Nishino, who is in charge of platform planning and management, at the time of the release of PS5, 'Transition from PS4 to PS5' It is expected that it will take about 3 years, 'so it seems unlikely that software support will end immediately.

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