Bombing terrorism targeting communication facilities at Christmas, 5G conspiracy theorist's crime

An explosion occurred in Nashville, Tennessee, USA in the early morning of December 25, 2020. It has been pointed out that the explosion may have been an attack targeting AT & T's equipment, as the building damaged by the explosion had communication equipment from AT & T, an American mobile carrier.

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In the early morning of December 25, 2020, an explosion struck downtown Nashville, injuring three people. Two of the injured were police officers who were rushing to the scene. The following movie is a surveillance camera installed on the street at the moment of the explosion.

Nashville Explosion 12/25/20 --YouTube

The explosion occurred in a corner of the center of Nashville, where restaurants are lined up. Immediately before the explosion, a police officer dispatched after receiving a report of the shooting found a camper with a sound warning of the explosion of the bomb, and you can see that the warning sound is ringing in the movie.

When an explosion occurs, the image turns white. The screen remains blank for about 30 seconds ...

The image is monochrome. Due to the damage of the explosion, things like the remains of signboards are scattered around. Many buildings around it were damaged.

Phil Williams, a reporter on Nashville's news program News Channel 5 , has posted a photo of the blast-damaged Nashville 2nd Avenue on his Twitter account , which is quite large. You can see that it happened.

The following is a movie of the street after the explosion. The alarms are ringing, the debris on the road is still burning, and the terrible sight is spreading.

According to local police, it was Anthony Quinn Warner, a 63-year-old information and communication technology contractor who worked for the explosion. He is in a camper van that exploded and has been confirmed dead in the explosion. According to FBI Douglas Corneschi, who is investigating the incident, the vehicle identification number found in the wreckage found at the location of the explosion belonged to Warner's camper van. In addition, Tennessee Police Director David Lausch said that the human tissue found at the scene was DNA-tested and confirmed to belong to Warner.

Because the building where the explosion occurred was a communications facility owned by AT & T, the explosion caused temporary loss of mobile network services in cities such as Nashville, Louisville, Knoxville, Birmingham, and Atlanta. 'We checked the surveillance camera footage of the camper van for hours, but there was no evidence that anyone else was involved,' Kornesski said, suggesting Warner's sole offense. doing.

Steve Fridrich, an acquaintance of Warner, reportedly contacted the FBI immediately when he was informed about the perpetrator of the explosion. At that time, Friedrich told the local media WSMV that he was asked by an FBI agent, 'Did Warner have a delusion about 5G?' This is because the FBI believes that Warner believed in conspiracy theories such as '5G is causing the epidemic of the new coronavirus ' and '5G is acting as a spy tool.' Means

Also, on December 27, the mayor of Nashville publicly stated that the explosion was aimed at AT & T facilities, so it is possible that Warner made an explosion attack believing in a conspiracy theory about 5G. Each media reports that it is expensive.

In addition, AT & T has released a web page explaining the recovery situation from the explosion attack, and as of the 27th, it is appealing that the wireless network has been restored by 96%. He also revealed that he had donated 100,000 dollars (about 10 million yen) to support Nashville, which was damaged by the explosion.

Nashville Recovery Efforts

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