'Google Discover' may be implemented in Chromium-based browser apps other than Chrome

It has been reported that Google Discover, which displays content related to user interests and interests based on web and app activity , may be implemented not only in Chrome but also in Chromium- based browser apps such as Vivaldi and Brave . It was.

Google is bringing Discover to other Chromium browsers

Google Discover is a function to display news etc. that appears when you swipe the home screen of the smartphone application version of Chrome or the home screen of many Android devices to the left. The content displayed on Google Discover is regularly updated by an automated system that analyzes the user's web and app activity collected by Google.

There is a possibility that this Google Discover will be newly implemented in Chromium browser apps other than Chrome. This possibility was triggered by

Carlos Knippschild , an engineer working on a Chrome project at Google, who added a feature called 'Web Feed' to Chromium. 'Web Feed' is described in the code as 'Feature that allows users to keep up with and consume web content', and the IT news site Bleeping Computer is 'implemented in Chrome'. It's a feature similar to Google Discover, which is being used. '

Knippschild's commit, including updates about Web Feed, can be found below.

Add a feature flag for the Web Feed feature. (I009feade) · Gerrit Code Review

WebFeed has already been implemented in the Android version of Chrome's pilot version of Chrome Canary , and you can enable features, but since Google Discover is built into Chrome Canary for Android, WebFeed It seems that there is no particular change even if you enable.

Bleeping Computer said Google tends to experiment with new Chrome features on the Android version and then implement it on the PC version, not only could Web Feed be implemented in future Chromium-based browser apps, but also the PC version. Pointed out that it may be implemented in Chrome as well. 'Google Discover may be implemented in Chrome for PC,' he claims.

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