Data analysis using AI reveals that 100,000 workers are forced to work on fishing boats in 6 years

Data analysis using AI revealed that up to 100,000 workers were forced into forced labor on fishing boats that went out to the

high seas to fish.

Thousands of ocean fishing boats could be using forced labor – we used AI and satellite data to find them

According to environmental data scientist Gavin McDonald , it is well known that forced labor is becoming a norm in high seas fishing. However, it was not clear how many people were forced into forced labor.

Therefore, Mr. McDonald decided to clarify the actual situation of forced labor using AI. First of all, using the web service ' Global Fishing Watch ' that can track the movement of fishing boats around the world, we track the movement of fishing boats that were revealed to have been forced labor in the past. From the movement of this fishing boat, with the cooperation of the nature conservation group Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation , we analyzed whether there is a characteristic movement of the fishing boat that is engaged in forced labor.

Analysis of the movements of forced labor fishing boats reveals unique movement patterns such as 'fishing for a long time' and 'fishing farther from the port than other fishing boats'. Succeeded in. McDonald's trained this pattern with the help of Google's data scientists to develop an AI that can identify forced laborers with 92% accuracy.

As a result of having the developed AI read the tracking data of 16,000 fishing boats from 2012 to 2018 and searching for fishing boats that may be forced labor, 14 to 26% of the fishing boats are forced labor. It was detected that they were suspected of doing so, and it became clear that up to 100,000 people could be forced into forced labor. Further analysis of the data revealed that forced laborers are scattered all over the world, especially those that engage in squid fishing.

'By collecting more data and improving the accuracy of AI, we will improve working conditions and release victims of forced labor, and ultimately this AI will be a deterrent to human rights violations called forced labor. I hope to become. '

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