Twitter announces removal of false information about new coronavirus vaccine

Twitter has announced a new initiative to prevent the spread of false information about

the new coronavirus vaccine, which has begun to be vaccinated in the United Kingdom and the United States . Posts containing potentially misleading content about the new coronavirus vaccine will be labeled with a warning and may be removed if deemed harmful.

COVID-19: Our approach to misleading vaccine information

Local time On December 16, 2020, Twitter revised its policy on the new coronavirus, stating that 'misleading posts about the new coronavirus vaccine will be removed and potentially misleading posts will be labeled.' Announced. Twitter says that deletion is a high priority, and that misleading posts will be deleted from December 21st, and that potentially misleading posts will be labeled from early 2021.

According to Twitter's policy so far, the new coronavirus has 'spreading methods and virus properties', 'effectiveness and safety regarding preventive methods and treatment methods', 'regulations / restrictions / exceptions announced by government agencies', and 'infection' Misleading posts about 'risk and risk of death' have been removed. The amendments announced this time include 'dissemination of false claims that vaccinations and vaccines are used to harm or control populations' and 'dissemination of adverse effects on vaccinations that have already been proven to be false'. 'A false claim that vaccination is not necessary because the new coronavirus is not a serious illness' is added to the removal target.

Labeling is intended for posts that include 'unfounded rumors,' 'controversial claims,' and 'incomplete or intentionally clipped information' about the vaccine, including any potentially misleading content. In addition to the label, the post will include a link to a public health agency that will give you the correct information about the new coronavirus.

'We are implementing this policy in close consultation with governments and public health authorities around the world and will strive to be iterative and transparent to our approach,' Twitter said.

In addition, YouTube revised the policy regarding the new coronavirus vaccine in mid-October 2020 and Facebook on December 4th.

Facebook announces removal of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the new corona vaccine-GIGAZINE

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