A large-scale failure that Google's service becomes unavailable for 45 minutes, caused by a storage problem of the authentication service

From 20:47 on December 14, 2020 (Monday), there was a problem that Google could not use the entire service except search for about 45 minutes.

Even in the 'Google Workspace Status Dashboard ' where you can check the performance status of the service, it was a little confusing because it was displayed as 'No problem' for 30 minutes after the failure occurred, but in the end, the failure did the authentication process. It has been reported that it was a problem with the services provided.

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A wide range of people were affected by the failure, including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

Google has released a 'Google Workspace Status Dashboard' that allows you to check the performance of each service, but the state of the dashboard confirmed at 9 o'clock on December 15th, the day after the failure, looks like this on the night of December 14th. Indicates that the entire service was down.

However, immediately after the failure, the dashboard did not reflect that the service was stopped, making it difficult to understand what was happening. If you look at the bottom of the screenshot, you can see that the state of this dashboard is that of December 14, 20:55, right after the failure.

According to Google, the problem was the authentication service part that manages user logins, basically 'because not enough storage capacity was allocated'. Originally, when the storage capacity was insufficient, the storage quota was supposed to be automatically processed, but the processing did not run, and it seems that the data became full and crashed.

As a result, the service that you log in to and use is completely unavailable. Also, in the case of services using Google's authentication platform, there was no problem for users who have already logged in to continue using it, but an error occurs when trying to log in again or log out. It was supposed to be.

YouTube and Gmail, which have many users, went down, and there were many services that use Google's authentication platform, including Slack, which affected a large number of users worldwide.

As mentioned above, the failure has recovered in about 45 minutes. However, Gmail has reported a service failure as of 10 o'clock on December 15, 2020.

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