119 human bones found in Mexico's Skull Tower

The National Institute of Anthropology and History has announced that it has discovered the remains of 119 new people from Mexico's Huey tzompantli (skull tower), which was discovered in 2017 as an archaeological site of the Aztec civilization. It is said that women and children are also included in the human bones.

Gruesome'Tower of Skulls' Discovery in Mexico Unearths Over 100 Aztec Sacrifices


Huey tzompantli is a word that stands for 'skull tower' and was discovered in Mexico City in 2017. The tower, which is believed to have been built in the late 15th century, was about 4.7 meters in diameter and had a structure in which 650 skulls supported beams along with lime and mortar. Many of the skulls used in the tower belong to prisoners of war, and it is believed that the tower was built to warn enemies of the Aztec Empire.

And on December 12, 2020, a new research team at the National Institute of Anthropology and History announced that it had found the remains of 119 people, including women and children, from the tower. The remains found are believed to have been sacrificed to God.

'I don't know how many of these remains were warriors, but they may have been prisoners of war set aside for sacrificial rituals,' said archaeologist Barrera Rodriguez. ..

The excavation work of the ruins was done like this.

A skull is embedded in the wall ...

The excavation work is being carried out carefully.

The Skull Tower is part of a temple called Templo Mayor found in Mexico City, and Mexican Culture Minister Alejandr Fraus said, 'Templo Mayor continues to amaze us at every stage.' 'Huey tzompantli Is arguably one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries in our country in recent years. '

The sacrificial ritual in Mesoamerica is considered as one of the ways to guarantee the survival of the universe, and experts say that the skull tower is considered a 'building of life, not death.' That is.

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