Jailbreak Cydia, a well-known app store for the iPhone, sues Apple for antitrust violations

The creator of

Cydia , a popular app store for jailbroken iPhones, has sued Apple for antitrust violations.

Case 4: 20-cv-08733 Document 1 Filed 12/10/20 Page 1 of 40
(PDF file) https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/22160777/cydia_sues_apple.pdf

Cydia, the original app store, sues Apple on antitrust grounds --The Washington Post

Cydia sues Apple alleging its App Store has a monopoly --The Verge

The creator of Cydia sued Apple for 'when Apple created the App Store, an iPhone-only app store, it used an anti-competitive tactic of freezing other rival services, including Cydia.' 'Apple has begun to force users not to use iOS app distribution services other than the App Store, shutting out all competitors, including Cydia,' Cydia said in a complaint. The creator of Cydia is seeking financial damages from Apple.

The author of Cydia explained the reason for the proceeding, 'This proceeding aims to open the market for distribution and payment processing of iOS apps to those who want to compete fairly with Apple, and to regain the enormous damages caused by Apple. I have. '

Cydia is an app store launched by software developer

Jay Freeman in 2007, before Apple founded the App Store. However, after Apple launched the App Store, Cydia became a platform for installing 'apps not approved by Apple.' In the proceedings, Freeman claimed that 'early iPhones had limited functionality and came with only a handful of genuine apps and couldn't install third-party apps.'

'Apple has made it difficult to jailbreak the iPhone for many years, and Apple has discouraged developers from using app stores other than the App Store,' Freeman said. As a result, Cydia announced in December 2018 that it will completely terminate the Cydia Store, which has been operating as its own app store.

The famous app store 'Cydia Store' for the jailbroken iPhone is closed --GIGAZINE

In addition, the complaint states, 'Without the illegal monopoly on Apple's distribution of iOS apps, today's users can discover and obtain iOS apps from multiple app stores, and developers can use iOS app distributors. It should have been. '

In response, Apple says it does not recommend jailbreaking the iPhone for security reasons. In a 2019 study by security firm Norton , `` Apps delivered on the App Store have been rigorously reviewed by Apple, which keeps iOS devices somewhat safer than Android devices. It is written. The US Copyright Office also states that the iPhone jailbreak is ' not illegal .'

In addition, Apple has been sued byEpic Games and Spotify for antitrust violations, and multiple companies have formed a coalition to prevent Apple's monopoly.

Epic Games, Spotify and others form a coalition to fight Apple and counter the fee problem of the App Store --GIGAZINE

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