The world's largest porn site 'Pornhub' bans uploading of unauthorized users & announces that the download function will also stop

Pornhub, the world's largest porn site, has updated its terms of use to eliminate illegal content such as child pornography. This will prevent unauthorized users from uploading movies to the platform and will no longer be able to download uploaded movies.

Our Commitment to Trust and Safety – Pornhub

Pornhub has been committed to combating illegal content for the reliability and security of its platform. It seems that it has improved the process of flagging and deleting illegal content, reviewing, reporting, etc., and it seems that Pornhub's efforts so far have been evaluated to a certain extent by major non-profit organizations and advocacy groups. Still, Pornhub writes, 'There's still a lot to do.' In April 2020, we will hire outside experts to independently review our compliance program, focus on eliminating all illegal content and achieving the highest standards of program to set the standards of the technology industry. Pornhub that came.

Pornhub has updated its Terms of Service as 'taking a bigger step towards protecting the community.' This allowed Pornhub to allow any user to upload a movie, but now only authorized users can upload a movie. In addition, downloading movies uploaded on Pornhub is no longer prohibited. In addition, some important extensions to the moderation process have been made to launch a credible flagging program consisting of dozens of nonprofits. The first transparency reports from these programs will be published in 2021.

The reason why Pornhub renews its terms of service is that ' Pornhub has posted a lot of child pornography and revenge pornography, and it makes money from it, ' which was posted in The New York Times on December 4, 2020. It is reported to be in the pointed out article. This is because companies such as Visa and Mastercard announced an update to Pornhub's terms of service shortly after announcing that they would investigate their relationship with Pornhub's parent company.

Pornhub calls halt to unverified users posting on its site

Pornhub ends unverified uploads | Engadget

According to Pornhub, the number of visits to the site in 2019 will exceed 42 billion, and the average number of visits per day will be 115 million.

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