A movie of the whole story of setting up a mysterious object 'Monolith' that has appeared all over the world


mysterious 'monolith' that suddenly appeared deep in the desert of Utah, USA in November 2020 disappeared a few days after its discovery. However, monoliths have become a hot topic all over the world, with new monoliths being discovered one after another in Romania , England, and the Netherlands. The YouTube channel I did a thing shows how to install such a monolith in the woods in Australia.

Why did I build Monoliths all around the World? --YouTube

When the Utah and Romanian monoliths became a hot topic, I did a thing members were contacted.

The contact person is the Australian comedy group '

Ante Donna '. It was a requirement that we also want to build a monolith for the new Netflix show.

The two of I did a thing and the trio of Anti Donna, who headed for Melbourne at once, joined.

There was already a completed monolith in a warehouse-like place guided by the people of Anti Donna.

The purpose of this movie is to carry and install this monolith.

The total length of this monolith in the shape of a triangular prism is about 1.5 times the length of an adult man with his arms spread wide.

Of course, it does not fit in an ordinary passenger car.

Therefore, I decided to fix the monolith on the roof of another car and carry it.

Many people are confused by a group of cars running with a monolith on the roof.

While the car with the monolith is parked in the parking lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken and has a meal, someone mutters, 'If someone sees the monolith, the plan is in trouble.' YouTube's

comment on this was replied , 'Don't worry, you can erase the witness's memory like in the movie' Men in Black '.'

Cars running around the city gradually enter the road where greenery stands out.

The party arrived at the desired place and went into the forest with a shovel and scoop in their hands.

If you dig a triangular hole about 50 cm deep in the ground ...

Bring the monolith to the scene.

Install the monolith by inserting it into the hole.

Next, if you fill the hole with soil ...

The work is completed.

If you wipe off dirt and fingerprints on your work with a shirt ...

The surface of the monolith was glossy enough to show the face.

The group praised the monolith standing in the woods with satisfaction, saying 'wonderful'.

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