What are the many problems that the world's largest business-specific SNS 'LinkedIn' has?

'LinkedIn' is the world's largest business-specific SNS with over 700 million registered users. If there are many problems in the design of the app such as 'the function is not used as intended' or 'it is a hotbed of discriminatory remarks' in such LinkedIn,

task management app 'Todoist' is a Doist marketing manager of the development of Fadeke Adegbuyi Mr. points out.

LinkedIn's Alternate Universe --Divines

LinkedIn has Instagram 'Story' that shares short movies for a short period of time, and ' Linkedin Stories ' that is similar to Twitter's ' Fleet '. LinkedIn is supposed to use 'LinkedIn Stories' to share professional scenes in everyday life, but 'LinkedIn Stories' is only available on the smartphone app version of LinkedIn. Adegbuyi says that many users use the browser version of LinkedIn on their PCs and Macs, so few people use the 'LinkedIn Stories' feature.

In addition, LinkedIn has a function to record the pronunciation of your name and display it on your profile, but this function is also rarely used like 'LinkedIn Stories', and a part of the music is cut out. LinkedIn is being used unintentionally, such as being registered and recording not only your name but also your self-appeal.

And unlike Twitter etc., at LinkedIn where information such as real name, work place, place of residence is released, it seems that users are cautious about remarks, but in reality, posters such as discriminatory remarks and radical remarks It is said that there are many cases in which the content that lowers one's social status is disclosed. In addition, the InMail function that sends messages to other users not only receives a large amount of product sales and business school solicitations, but also receives sexual harassment-like messages and people who use LinkedIn like a dating site. You may also receive a date invitation from.

Adegbuyi points out that the strangest thing about LinkedIn isn't its features, but the job titles of popular users. Comedians and celebrities are popular on Twitter, photographers and influencers are popular on Instagram, and SNS has different influential occupations for each service, but LinkedIn's most influential occupations are hiring companies. He is the person in charge. Recruiters with HR authority in the company acted as if they were saviors on LinkedIn, a business-focused social network, 'hiring inexperienced and promising teens' and 'becoming a single mother.' I posted a story on the timeline, such as 'I gave him the opportunity to support his family.' In addition, it's not uncommon for the post to have tens of thousands of positive comments.

LinkedIn started out as a simple resume-like service, but there are many features that aren't used or used correctly at the time of article creation. However, it's also true that publishing your profile on LinkedIn can help you find a job or change jobs, and Adegbuyi said, 'People may lose their jobs or change jobs,' just in case. ' I will continue to use it. '

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