Research results show that a high-protein diet is 'highly effective in burning fat'

In recent years, as health consciousness has increased,

protein-rich diets have been attracting attention, but there is also an opinion that 'high-protein products do not have the desired effect.' Meanwhile, a newly published treatise found that 'people who eat a high-protein diet are more likely to burn more calories and fat than those who eat a regular diet.'

high-protein total diet replacement increases energy expenditure and leads to negative fat balance in healthy, normal-weight adults | The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition | Oxford Academic

Protein study reveals a powerful effect on fat-burning

A research team led by Camilla Oliveira, a researcher at the Alberta Institute for Diabetes Research at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, found healthy adults of normal weight to compare the effects of a high-protein diet on metabolism. We conducted an experiment to feed two kinds of meals. The 43 males and females who participated in the experiment had an average age of 24 to 19 and a

body mass index (BMI) of 22.

The research team first divided the participants into two teams, and one of the experimental groups said, 'A high-protein, all-meal alternative diet food with 35% carbohydrate, 40% protein, and 25% fat in total calories. (HP-TDR) 'was given. The HP-TDR eaten by the experimental group was a commercially available food containing soy protein, yogurt, honey, etc. The other control group was also given a 'standard American diet consisting of 55% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 30% fat.' The calorie intake of both groups was the same.

Then, the calorie consumption of each group 32 hours after the start of the experiment is analyzed by the ' whole body calorie measurement unit (WBCU) ' that analyzes the calorie consumption of the subject based on the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide metabolized in the private room. As a result, it was confirmed that 'the experimental group that ate a high-protein diet consumed more calories.' Analysis by WBCU also revealed that the experimental group had 'increased fat oxidation.' According to the research team, this means burning body fat.

by Human Nutrition Research Unit

The researchers pointed out that the experiment was a reproduction of a diet commonly available in many countries, so it was not possible to achieve a constant nutritional balance per meal. It emphasizes that certain nutrients are not always linked to the results of this experiment.

The research team then concluded in a treatise that 'HP-TDR is more likely to promote fat loss than a traditional diet with the same calories.'

In the future, the research team will focus on the fact that the metabolic function of men and women is quite different, and will investigate how the effects of a high-protein diet differ between men and women.

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