Black Friday sale online sales set record highs, up more than 20% year-on-year

Adobe reported that sales of ' Black Friday ' in 2020 on American online shopping sites increased by 21.6% from last year to $ 9 billion (about 930 billion yen).

Black Friday online shopping on track to hit record, Adobe says

Cyber Monday 2020: Expect record-breaking sales day Monday amid COVID

US online sales surge to near-record on'Black Friday'-The Economic Times

'Black Friday' is the day after Thanksgiving Day , which takes place on the third Thursday of November every year, and has recently been known as the day retailers carry out large-scale sales. I will.

When Adobe analyzed transaction data obtained from 80 of the top 100 online retailers in the United States using the high-performance access analysis tool Adobe Analytics , sales of online shopping sites in the United States on Black Friday in 2020 were ahead. It turned out that it reached 8.9-9.6 billion dollars (about 925-997 billion yen), an increase of 20-29% from the fiscal year. In addition, the ratio of orders from smartphones to total sales is 42% (up 7% from the previous year), and it is clear that the tendency of people to shop from smartphones is accelerating.

It is said that the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is behind the strong sales of online shopping. According to

Sensormatic Solutions , which provides inventory management services for retailers, the increase in sales on Black Friday is limited to online shopping sites, and the number of visitors to physical stores recorded a 52.1% decrease from the previous year. thing. This tendency is particularly noticeable at Thanksgiving, the day before Black Friday, and the number of visitors to actual stores on Thanksgiving in 2020 decreased by 94.9% from the previous year, effectively reducing the number of customers to '1/20'. It is reported that it has become.

The most popular items on Black Friday in 2020 are toys, cosmetics, office supplies and bedding. Compared to the October 2020 average, toys increased 294%, cosmetics increased 278%, office supplies increased 114%, and bedding increased 109%. In contrast, the rate of increase in sales of apparel-related products was sluggish compared to the previous year.

From the Monday following Black Friday, a large-scale online shopping sale ' Cyber Monday ' will start. Cyber Monday sales in 2020 are expected to reach $ 112-13 billion (approximately ¥ 116-135 billion), up 19-38% from the previous year, and the sales established on Black Friday this time. It is expected to break the record of.

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