'Diletto' play review where five beautiful girls bet the soul dedicated to the devil and develop a last-minute bargain

Domina Games has released a game ' Diletto ' in which five beautiful girls who have obtained 'a ring that the devil grants their wishes in exchange for their soul' aim to have the devil fulfill their wishes more than anyone else. Will be released. Contrary to the illustration of a very pretty girl, it is said that it is a severe game content that tactics of souls with each other in search of 'glory and pleasure beyond the extreme risk'. I tried to play.

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The Diletto package looks like this. Mr. Maki sheep is in charge of the illustration.

The number of players of Diletto is 2 to 5, the target age is 8 years old and over, and the play time is assumed to be 10 to 20 minutes.

The contents of the package are character cards, ring cards, 'Crimson Ambition' cards, wish cards, penalty cards, and markers.

The wish card contains the wishes you want to fulfill, such as 'feast' and 'beautiful clothes.'

There are two types of ring cards: spirit cards with 'Safe' and mischief cards with 'Oops!'.

There are two types of penalty cards: 'warning' cards and 'soul compensation' cards.

The character card has illustrations of five girls, Mika, Aria, Berke, Sally, and Rathi. These five players have also appeared in the card game '

Eresia ' from Domina Games. You can play 'Diletto' without any problems even if you haven't played 'Eresia', but playing 'Eresia' will give you a better understanding of the story.

Start the game immediately. When viewed from the front, place the wish card inside out on the left side, place the 'Crimson Ambition' card and the penalty card underneath, and place the ring card on the right side. Then flip the ring cards in order from the top until you see the card that says 'Oops!' And you're ready to go.

Each player draws 4 cards from the pile of wish cards to make them into a hand, and places a marker on the '2' of the 'sense gauge' lined up on the left side of the character card. Now everything is ready.

The girls who receive the ring wear the ring on a stone statue of a spirit with an infinite soul and have them fulfill various wishes, but sometimes the mischief of the stuffed animal makes the wish fail. If you fail, the devil will demand your soul, so the purpose of this game is to get many wishes fulfilled without failing. First, select the wish card you want to fulfill from your hand and put it into play. You need to draw a ring card according to the number of souls required to fulfill the wish written on the upper left of the wish card. The soul required to fulfill 'excellent talent' is '2' ...

Draw two ring cards.

The first is a spirit card with 'Safe' written on it.

On the second card, I drew a prank card that says 'Oops!'. If three mischievous cards come into play, the wish will fail and you will be warned by the devil for failing to pay your soul. This time, only two cards have appeared in the field, so the wish can be fulfilled, but the next time a mischievous card appears, the wish will fail.

The effect of the fulfilled wish card 'excellent talent' has increased the sense by 1.

After processing the effect of the wish card, draw the wish card from the deck so that you have 4 cards in your hand, and end the turn.

As the game progresses, you have two mischievous cards in play on your turn. If you draw a prank card, you will be warned by the devil.

I don't want to draw a prank card anyway, so I will use 'Forbidden Knowledge', which requires the least soul in my hand. I will use 'Forbidden Knowledge', which requires the least soul in my hand. However, if you need 2 souls, you have to draw 2 ring cards, and there is a good chance that you will draw a prank card.

I decided to consume 2 senses and reduce the required soul. By consuming 2 senses before drawing the ring card, you can reduce the soul required to fulfill your wish by 1.

That's why you only need to draw one ring card. 'If it's just one, you won't get' Oops! ','

What was written on the drawn card was the rainy day 'Oops!'. Since three mischievous cards have accumulated in the field, it is considered that 'I skipped the payment of the soul' and I am warned by the devil.

My wish has failed, so I throw away the 'forbidden knowledge' I was trying to fulfill in the discard pile ...

You will receive one 'Warning' card from the penalty card.

Penalty cards have the effect of increasing your sense by 1, so increase your sense ...

Discard the 3 mischievous cards you have accumulated, adjust your hand, and the turn ends. The heart of this game is to think about how to make the opponent draw while avoiding drawing the third prank card.

The player receives a 'warning' card every three mischievous cards in play, and finally the penalty card is the last one. The last one is not a 'warning' card but a 'soul compensation' card.

The 'Soul Compensation' card is different from the previous 'Warning' cards, and when you draw it, you will be deprived of your soul as a compensation for fulfilling your wish, and your defeat will be confirmed. Each player consumes the sense that he has accumulated 'I definitely don't want to draw the'Soul Compensation'card!' And reduces the number of ring cards drawn ...

I try not to draw the 'Soul Compensation' card by using 'Humbleness' that does not use any soul.

However, one player was unlucky and drew a third prank card.

The player who has drawn the third mischief card receives the 'Soul Compensation' card, and the soul is robbed at the price of the wish and the defeat is confirmed. The game ends when the 'Soul Compensation' card is drawn.

When the game is over, we will calculate the score. Everyone reveals their hand, except for the player who has been defeated by paying the 'Soul Compensation'.

Here, the player who has the most wish cards with 3 required souls can get the 'Crimson Ambition' card with 3 victory points. This time, everyone had the same number of cards, so everyone was given a 'Crimson Ambition' card.

The victory points written in the upper right corner of the last wish card put into play are totaled. The player with the highest total victory points will be the winning player, saying that he has 'fulfilled the most wishes'.

Diletto is a simple and easy-to-understand game, and I was able to grasp the rules immediately. The game ends when the 'Soul Compensation' card is drawn, and there is no element to extend the game, so you can enjoy it in a short time of about 15 minutes for 5 players and about 10 minutes for 4 players. In addition, you can enjoy simple but bargaining, such as when to use sense and how to use cards with 3 required souls. However, even if you bargain, it is the player's luck that decides the final victory or defeat, so it is possible for board game beginners to defeat advanced players. This game is recommended for a short break or a quick replay between playing heavyweight board games.

Diletto will be released on December 3, 2020. Also, at the time of article creation, you can make a reservation at Amazon.co.jp for 2821 yen.

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