Version 2.91 of 3DCG software 'Blender' released, UX improvement and more powerful Boolean system implemented

The latest version of Blender , an open source 3DCG software that is also known to be used as the

main tool by Ubisoft's animation division, '2.91' was officially released on November 25, 2020. ..

2.91 —

Blender 2.91 New Features in ALMOST 5 Minutes-YouTube

Blender version 2.91 is the fourth major update released in 2020. Version 2.91 includes several improvements and new features. In addition, you can check the operation of the new function in movie format by clicking the image.

In Blender version 2.91, it is possible to draw lines on trims, masks and face sets with a cross brush for sculpting, specify the depth of the cursor by setting the origin, and combine box and Lasso gestures. You will also be able to do it. This will dramatically improve the user's workflow.

With the Sculpt Trim tool, you can even cut and add geometry using box gestures and lasso gestures.

You can also use the new SimulationTarget property and Pose & Border Brushes to recreate the realistic texture of your fabric.

Blender version 2.91 implements a new

Boolean system, with a speed-focused 'Fast' solver and an 'Exact' solver capable of handling more complex geometry. The 'Fast' solver is a solver that emphasizes speed over accuracy, which is the case with traditional Boolean system solvers.

Curve and text objects now support custom bevel profiles as well as bevel modifiers. This ensures that all bevel types also support flat carp caps.

A new modifier for volume objects allows you to convert a volume into a dynamic mesh. Ideal for modeling fluids such as:

Conversely, you can convert the mesh to a volume and combine it with a new volume display modifier.

You can convert an image to a grease pencil object with just one click.

Filled areas can be erased with a background by using the material's new holdout option.

You can search for properties by pressing the 'Ctrl' key and 'F' key at the same time. Search results are displayed in blue. You can also delete the search field by pressing the 'Alt' and 'F' keys at the same time.

The animation curve has become clearer, and sudden movements can be expressed more smoothly. Click the thumbnail image below to play the mp4 file.

Blender is an open source 3DCG software, so we are looking for participation in the development fund .

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