Reseller Group reveals that it has secured 3500 PS5s

It became clear that the number of units sold for 4 days from the release date of

PlayStation 5 (PS5) was 118,000 units , and multiple media have pointed out that 'PS5 is in a serious supply shortage'. Meanwhile, the British reseller group has secured as many as 3,500 PS5s, and it has become clear that they are reselling at a price three times the regular price.

Scalper Group Brags About Buying 3,500 PS5 Systems To Sell At Egregious Prices --Game Informer

Resellers are people who make a profit by buying high-demand products at a fixed price and reselling them at a price much higher than the retail price. As the year-end sales season is approaching and the demand for games is increasing due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the demand for PS5 and Xbox Series X is also very high. Meanwhile, Business Insider reported that there are multiple groups that repeatedly resell to next-generation game consoles, forming groups on the communication app Discord.

CrepChiefNotify is one of the organizations that form a group for resellers on Discord. According to media reports, the reseller group organized by CrepChiefNotify has reserved 1000 PS5s for resale at the time of the first pre-order in September 2020, and then 2500 PS5s.

When resale of Nintendo Swtich became a problem, it was revealed that resellers were using bots called 'checkout bots' to purchase their products. Instead of using this checkout bot, the reseller group organized by CrepChiefNotify seems to have ensured the purchase of PS5 by pre-purchasing information from internal sources.

Resellers use bots to buy up Nintendo Switch-GIGAZINE

According to media reports, CrepChiefNotify has 12 operations staff and offers a wide range of subscription services ranging from $ 40 per month to over $ 530. It is said that it is. It seems that users who use high-priced subscription services are able to receive PS5 arrival information etc. earlier.

CrepChiefNotify's manager said, 'The latest pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has made a big difference in the products people buy. It was sold out and was starting to be resold on eBay, where developers created site monitoring software that could be used to track online shop inventory and notify members to buy everything. We've done it, 'he said, using his own tools to build a system to notify reseller groups of the latest inventory information.

'The rise of resellers is a unique opportunity for tool developers, helping the community with the development of bot technology to support resale,' said CrepChiefNotify's manager.

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