'Himekuri 365' review where you can enjoy beautiful illustrations of 368 illustrators on the daily calendar

The 2021 edition has appeared in the daily calendar ' Himekuri 3665 ', which consists of all pages of 365 days a year + bonuses drawn by 368 illustrators. What kind of beautiful illustrations will appear on a daily basis? So, I actually turned it over and checked it.

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This is Himekuri 365. The size is A6 version, which is a size that does not get in the way even on a desk.

When the transportation IC cards are lined up next to each other, it looks like this.

There are 365 days + 2 extra pages and a total of 368 pages on the cover, so it is quite thick.

There is a notch on the back for assembling the stand to stand the calendar.

Easy to make a stand. Just fold it along the notch like this ...

It can be made independent as shown in the image below.

The actual weight is 441g. The previous calendar was an A5 size wall-mounted type, but there was a voice saying that it was 'heavy and untidy', so this time the size was set to desktop A6 size, and the paper was also made of a lighter material.

In the corner of the cover, the signature of Mr.

Takuya Fujima who drew the cover illustration is written.

Peel off the cover. The page of Himekuri 365 is spelled out by

heavenly glue processing , so it can be easily peeled off.

Since it can be peeled off cleanly without tearing the page, you can save your favorite page in a beautiful state.

The back of each page is blank.

The page on January 1st looks like this. A girl with chemo ears wearing furisode like New Year's Day is drawn large. The illustration is the main, and the date is written small in the lower right.

On the upper left is the signature of illustrator

Mitsuki Yano . The signature of the illustrator in charge is written not only on the cover but also on all pages 365 days a year. The illustrator in charge of each page can be confirmed from the ' Participating Illustrator ' page on the official website.

In the lower right, the date, day of the week, the title of the illustration, and the name of the illustrator are written. The title seems to be the event name if the date is an event such as a holiday, and the title that matches the illustration on other days.

Looking at the pages other than New Year's Day, January 6th is an illustration of two girls eating rice cakes by Mr.

Rifupai Zaurus , and the title is 'Mochi ga Unyon'.

In addition, Mr.

Blue_Gk 's illustration of girls wearing furisode 'Coming-of- Age Day' and ...

Guy is so, such as 'good meat in the classroom' of November 29 by Mr., is on each page of the calendar and illustrations named after that date, will not suit illustrations are drawn to the season.

Himeku three hundred sixty-five art book was recorded illustrations of each page of Himeku three hundred sixty-five for people who '! I want to see carefully the illustrations in more large sheet of paper' is

the first volume , second volume offers two books. The first volume contains illustrations from January 1st to June 30th, and the second volume contains illustrations from July 1st to December 21st. The size is A4 version, and both the upper and lower volumes are 194 pages in total.

On the back cover, the names of the participating illustrators of Himekuri 365 are lined up. You can feel that many illustrators are participating.

The contents of the art book look like this. Illustrations are drawn on the entire page, so you can take a closer look.

There is an index at the end of the art book. Since a part of the illustration is written in the index along with the name of the illustrator, you can also look at the index to find your favorite illustration.

Himekuri 365 was a daily calendar where you can enjoy the illustrations of different illustrators every day and find your favorite illustrations. You can also take a closer look at each illustration by purchasing an art book sold separately. It's a compact size that doesn't get in the way when placed on a desk, so it's recommended for people who say that an ordinary desk calendar doesn't taste good.

In addition, Himekuri 365 and the illustration collection can be purchased at Toranoana and Melon Books . At Amazon.co.jp, you can purchase Himekuri 365 for 2750 yen and an art book for 3300 yen for both upper and lower volumes.

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