Simultaneous comparison review of which 'HDMI 2.1' compatible cable is easy to handle

With the introduction of the next-generation game consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it has become easier to enjoy gameplay at 4K HDR, high image quality of up to 120 fps, and high frame rates. In addition, TVs and monitors that support 4K and 8K resolutions are also becoming popular. However, it is not OK if you prepare a compatible TV or monitor, and you need an HDMI cable compatible with the '

HDMI 2.1 ' standard that can output 8K / 60fps or 4K / 120fps video and can transmit 48Gbps. .. Therefore, I prepared eight cables compatible with HDMI 2.1 and compared which cable is easy to use, focusing on the ease of handling that is important in actual use.

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◆ What is the difference between HDMI 2.1 and the previous ones?
HDMI 2.0 is an HDMI standard established in 2013 with a bandwidth of 18 Gbps. It is now possible to transmit 4K / 60fps video up to 8-bit color . On the other hand, HDMI 2.1, which was formulated in 2017, has a bandwidth expanded to 48 Gbps and is fully compatible with 4K / 120 fps and 8K / 30 fps. Furthermore, if it is 4: 2: 2 at 24 to 30 fps, it also supports 10K video.

The table below summarizes the video of each resolution and the corresponding HDMI cable. 'Premium' is an HDMI 2.0 compatible cable, and 'Ultra' is an HDMI 2.1 compatible cable.

◆ Certification confirmation of 'Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable' standard
The HDMI Forum, the official HDMI licensing agency, announced on January 6, 2020 that 'the only way to ensure that all the features and performance of the HDMI 2.1 standard are transmitted from the source device to the display' is ' Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable. We have established a standard and announced a certification program for ultra-high-speed HDMI cables. All certified cables must pass a certification inspection at the HDMI Certification Test Center of any length, and passing cables are required to have a certification label affixed to their packaging.

The certification sticker actually affixed to the package looks like this.

HDMI Licensing, the management organization of the HDMI standard, has released an application for checking the certification label for iOS and Android.

HDMI Cable Certification on the App Store

HDMI Cable Certification-Google Play App

This time I will install the iOS version. Tap 'Get'.

Launch the app.

To agree to the EULA, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, check the two and tap 'Continue'.

The tutorial begins. Tap 'Continue'.

The scanning operation procedure is displayed. Tap 'Continue'.

It is necessary to read not only the QR code but also the hologram sticker on the left side of the QR code. Tap 'Continue'.

You will be asked for permission to use your location. This time, I selected 'Allow only once'.

You will be asked to access the camera, so tap 'OK'.

Take a picture of the authentication license sticker on the package with your camera. When the hologram and QR code are placed in the frame, reading starts instantly ...

'Congratulations' is displayed, confirming that the cable is certified. In addition, the number of cables, manufacturer and brand, product number, cable type, and length are displayed as shown below.

◆ I compared the length and thickness of the prepared HDMI cable
The following 8 types of HDMI 2.1 compatible cables will be compared this time.

Belkin AV10175BT2M
-HDMI cable that came with the Xbox Series X
・ HDMI cable that came with PlayStation 5
ELECOM DH-HD21E10BK (length 1.0m)
ELECOM DH-HD21E15BK (length 1.5m)
ELECOM H-HD21E20BK (length 2.0m)
ELECOM DH-HD21E30BK (length 3.0m)
ELECOM DH-HD21E50BK (length 5.0m)

Belkin AV10175BT2M is an HDMI cable

that appeared in January 2018 . The length is 2m and the transmission speed is 48Gbps. It's also compatible with Apple TV 4K, so it's also available in the Apple Store .

The AV10175BT2M was called 'Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable' at the time of its announcement, but the package says 'ULTRA HD HIGH SPEED HDMI CABLE'. The AV10175BT2M is appealing to be compatible with Dolby Vision, 4K, 8K, and HDR, and boasts the same performance as the Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable standard. However, it is a product released before the HDMI Forum established the Ultra High Speed Cable standard and does not have a certification sticker.

With the surface of the connector part ...

Back side.

Looking at the connector from the front, it looks like this, which is difficult to see in the image, but the metal terminal is slightly recessed and has a structure that is hidden from the outside. The cross section of the connector part is a quadrangle with rounded corners.

The length of the cable is about 194 cm. In addition, considering the handling this time, the 'cable length' is measured by the length of the cable between the shield tips at the base of the connector.

The diameter of the cable was about 5mm.

The HDMI cable that comes with the Xbox Series X released on November 10, 2020 has a protrusion on the connector that allows you to hook your finger, and is engraved with 'HDMI ULTRA HIGH SPEED.'

In addition, when it was taken out of the Xbox Series X box, it was wrapped in a transparent band with a QR code written on it. I tried to read this QR code with the HDMI Forum authentication app, but it was not recognized at all, so it seems that it is not a QR code for a standard authentication license.

There is only a protrusion on the back of the connector to catch your finger.

The cross section of the connector is a quadrangle with rounded corners.

The length of the cable is about 192 cm.

The diameter of the cable was about 5mm.

The HDMI cable that came with the PlayStation 5 has a simple design with no letters at all.

The cross section of the connector is a rectangle with a slightly dented long side. The pad of the finger is just settled, and the grip is high.

The length of the cable is 140 cm.

The diameter of the cable is 5 mm.

'HIGH SPEED HDMI CABLE E321011' was written in white on the side of the cable. It is the same cable that came with the PlayStation 4, and it is unknown whether it is a cable that supports the HDMI 2.1 standard.

All five types of ELECOM are Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable standard certified cable 'DH-HD21EBK' series released in November 2020. The length is 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m, 5.0m.

The package is

appealing that it supports 8K / 4K / 2K, 48Gbps transmission, Dynamic HDR, and also supports eARC and variable frame rates for games.

On the back, there was an illustration of the contents of the cable.

The HDMI Forum standard certification license sticker is affixed to the upper left side.

The contents are simply a cable.

'HDMI 8K DHDR' is written on the surface of the connector. The HDMI terminal is gold.

Nothing was written on the back.

A front view of the connector. The corners of the cross section of the connector are rounded in the upper half and chamfered in the lower half, making them asymmetrical. The HDMI terminal is also asymmetrical on the front and back, so you can tell which is the front or the back just by touching the connector.

When I measure the length of the 1.0m cable, it is about 103cm. When I actually measured the other cables, they were all about the length + 3 cm written on the package.

The diameter is about 6 mm. It's slightly thicker than the Belkin and Xbox Series X cables.

When arranging cables of 5 different lengths, it looks like this.

The connector size and cable thickness were the same for 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, and 3.0m, but it is clear when comparing the 5.0m cable (right image) with other length cables (left image). You can see that the size of the connector is different and the cable is thicker at 5.0m.

When I actually measured the thickness of the cable, it was 8 mm.

When I picked up the 5.0m cable, it felt quite heavy, so when I weighed it, it weighed 445 grams.

In addition, the weight of 1.0m cable, which is one-fifth the length of the same ELECOM, was 70 grams.

◆ I actually tried inserting and removing it from the monitor
Ease of handling is important for the actual operation of the HDMI cable. In most cases, the HDMI cable that connects a TV or monitor to a game console or Blu-ray player is wired so that it can be sewn through a wall or a gap in furniture, so it is easy to connect and disconnect the cable. The softness of the cable is important.

The following images are from the left, Belkin AV10175BT2M, Xbox Series X included, PlayStation 5, attached, Elecom H-HD21E20BK (length 2.0 m), Elecom DH-HD21E50BK (length 5.0 m) in a circle with a diameter of 8 cm. I rolled it up and left it for 1 minute.

The cable that came with the Xbox Series X was the one that was the softest and most straightforward to put together. The Belkin cable and PlayStation 5 cable, which are the same thickness as the one that comes with the Xbox Series X, are a little harder to handle than the Xbox Series X. In addition, it is natural that the 5.0 m DH-HD21E50BK cable, which is 8 mm thick, is the most difficult to handle, but the 2.0 m long H-HD21E20BK has a triple shield structure, a large diameter copper wire, and cable protection. Because it has a built-in filler, it feels very solid rather than difficult to handle.

Next, I will insert and remove it from the monitor. The monitor used is BenQ's 27-inch LCD wide display '

EW2740 '. The HDMI input port is located in the dented part in the center of the back, which makes it a little troublesome to insert and remove.

First, try plugging and unplugging the Belkin cable. Even if you insert it into the port, it is not loose and easy to pull out, but since the connector part is short, it is difficult to insert and remove it in a narrow part like EW2740. Also, since the shape of the connector is the same on the front and back, it's a pity that you can't grasp which direction you have with your hand. Another drawback is that the surface of the connector is slippery due to its smooth texture.

The following is where the Belkin cable is inserted into the EW2740 and left to its own weight to hang down, and it protrudes about 6 to 7 cm behind the insertion slot.

The cable that comes with the Xbox Series X has a long enough connector so it's easy to hold and plug in and out. The matte surface treatment of the connector makes it less slippery than Belkin's, and the protrusions catch on your fingers, making it easier to pull out.

If you leave it to your own weight and hang it down, it will stick out about 9 to 10 cm from the insertion slot.

PlayStation 5 is a little rugged with a square connector, and it may be a little difficult to hold in a narrow place.

When I left it to my own weight and hung it, it was about the same as the Xbox Series X that sticks out, about 9 to 10 cm. When playing PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, it seems that some space is required around the HDMI port of the TV or monitor.

H-HD21E20BK of ELECOM also has a slightly short connector, so there are parts that are difficult to insert. However, like the HDMI terminal, the connector part is also asymmetrical on the front and back, and it has a structure that is appreciated when inserting it in a state where you can not see your hands well.

When I inserted it into the EW2740, it protruded about 8-9 cm behind. The shield at the base of the connector part of H-HD21E20BK is considerably stronger and more solid than the one attached to Belkin, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5.

The 5.0m H-HD21E50BK has a heavy cable and is solid and solid. Since the HDMI terminal is firmly inserted, it will not come off easily, but depending on how the cable is routed, the weight of the cable may put a burden on the connector and the HDMI input port of the video equipment.

Of course, it sticks out quite a bit behind, so a certain amount of space is required on the back of the video equipment. If it is 5m long, it seems that you can connect the game console to the video equipment anywhere in one room, but instead the cable is heavy and difficult to handle, so what if you buy a 5.0m cable? It is necessary to plan well in advance whether to wire to.

Among the things I compared this time, the one that I felt was the easiest to handle was the 'HDMI cable that came with the Xbox Series X,' which was easy to insert and remove with a length of about 2 m and was easy to organize. Among the HDMI 2.1 compatible cables on the market, I felt that the one made by Belkin was easy to handle, but regarding the quality of the cable, Elecom officially certified by the HDMI Forum is more reliable, especially There is a sense of security in the sense that the shield and filler make it durable and long-lasting.

Also, the PlayStation 5 cable is fine to handle, but I'm still worried about whether it's a cable that supports HDMI 2.1. If you want to connect to a 4K TV in the future and play the game without regret, you can buy an HDMI 2.1 compatible cable from Belkin or Elecom now.

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