MacBook Air with Apple's 'M1 chip' outperforms other Macs even under x86 emulation environment

Apple's new benchmark results for the

Apple Silicon M1 custom chip for Mac, announced at the November 11, 2020 event, One more thing , were announced on November 15, 2020. The results show that the M1 chip outperforms other Macs even in an environment that emulates an x86 environment through a translation layer .

Apple Silicon M1 Emulating x86 is Still Faster Than Every Other Mac in Single Core Benchmark --MacRumors

M1 MacBook Air Running x86 Emulation Under Rosetta 2 Is Still Faster Than Every Mac Model in Single-Core Workloads

The day after Apple announced the M1 chip on November 11, the benchmark results of the M1 chip were posted on the service of the benchmark test application ' Geekbench 5 '. As a result, the M1 chip has been found to offer higher single-core performance than Intel Core i9 and others.

Benchmark of Apple's original SoC 'M1' chip will be released, what is its ability?

Following this, the benchmark results of the MacBook Air with M1 chip that performed x86 emulation on the translation layer Rosetta 2 were posted on the Geekbench 5 site.

The benchmark results are below. M1 chip operating in the MacBook Air equipped with 8GB of RAM is, in the single-core 1313, in the multi-core a score of 5888 was recorded .

According to MacRumors, an overseas media that handles news of Apple products, when the M1 chip executes x86 code on Rosetta 2, it can only perform about 78 to 79% of the code for Apple Silicon. In fact, benchmark test results of the same MacBook Air in an environment that does not use the Rosetta 2, in the single-core 1687, in the multi-core score of 7433

has Tatakidashi .

Regarding the test results conducted in such a situation, MacRumors said, 'The single core score of MacBook Air with M1 chip under Rosetta 2 environment is any other Intel such as iMac 27 inch 2020 model with Intel Core i9. It's even better than the on-board Mac. '

The IT news site Wccftech also said, 'The difference between emulation and not embroidery reduces the Geekbench 5 score by 21-22%. Still, the MacBook Air with the M1 chip is a single on other Macs. It's exceeded the core record. This is very impressive. '

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