I tried playing the action board game 'Spinning Adventure' that carries 'tops' to the goal while cooperating


Spinning Adventure ', a cooperative action game that 'adventures the world to save spirits using spinning ' tops '' has appeared from Sugorokuya . I was worried about so many things, such as 'How do you play by turning the top?' And 'What kind of game is a cooperative action game in a board game?', So I actually played 'Spinning Adventure' and that I checked the gameplay.

Spinning Adventure: Sugorokuya Board Game

This is the outer box of the spinning adventure, which depicts a mouse spirit moving on a frame. The target age is 8 to 99 years old, the play time is 20 minutes, and the number of players is 1 to 4 people.

When you open the lid, you will find a blue box with SPIN BOARD written on it.

Inside the blue box were a sticker to put on the top, a resurrection potion, a shooter, two types of tops, and a replacement top shaft.

When you put a sticker on the frame, it looks like this. The mouse spirit depicted on the sticker is the main character of the spinning adventure. There are two types of frames, one that is turned by hand and the other that uses a shooter. I decided to turn it at once.

First of all, I will try turning a top that can be turned by hand.

Pinch the top of the top with your hand ...

When I released it while twisting my finger, it started to rotate vigorously. The accuracy of the top is quite high, and once it was turned, it continued to rotate for about 2 minutes.

The top with this gear is turned using a shooter.

Set the top of the top in the hole at the bottom of the shooter ...

Insert the winder into the hole on the side of the shooter with the top set side up.

Insert the winder all the way in ...

If you pull the winder vigorously with the side that set the top down ...

The top begins to rotate vigorously. The shooter-turned top continued to rotate for a longer time than the hand-turned top.

The instruction manual is divided into two parts: rule explanation and how to use the frame. There are two versions, a Japanese version and an English version, respectively.

This is a gamebook. Two types of gamebooks, adventure mode and quest mode, were included.

Obstacles such as steps and holes and various illustrations are drawn on the world board.

The back side looks like this. A total of 8 types of world boards are configured on the front and back of the 4 boards. Each of the eight worlds is unique, so you can enjoy it just by looking at it.

At the bottom of the Spinning Adventure box are eight world-wide maps. It seems that this map will also be a practice course before tackling the mission.

In the world of spinning adventures, the wolf army has captured all but the rat spirits. 'I have to help the spirits quickly!', A magical piece on which the mouse spirits boarded ...


We set out on a journey to save the spirits. Tilt the world board to direct the magic piece to your destination.

However, I was wondering which way to go and lost the balance of the pieces, and I turned it over. 'If you can't control the top, you can't save the spirits!'

To practice 'turning a spinning top' and 'practicing moving a spinning top'. By turning the top on the world map and tilting the world map with both hands, you can move the spinning top and make it orbit on the white dotted line.

As a result of practice, I learned the control and rotational power that can be on the dotted line for weeks. I will challenge again to save the spirits.

7 laps of the 'Spinning Adventure' practice course-YouTube

Also, if it is really difficult to rotate the frame, you can easily rotate the frame as shown in the following movie by using the shooter.

Spin a top with a shooter in Spinning Adventure-YouTube

This time I decided to think about a route to move the pieces in advance so as not to make the same mistake as before. First of all, I decided to start from the stone circle seen in the lower right of the world board, pass through the rabbit pulling the cart, which is the target, and move to the next stage from the exit on the upper left. Once you decide on a route, all you have to do is demonstrate the results of your practice.

The following is the state of the re-challenge. As a result of the practice, I was able to smoothly carry the magic piece to the goal, and I was one step closer to the rescue of the spirits.

Play 'Spinning Adventure' by yourself-YouTube

Next, we will challenge with 4 people. We will discuss the route with everyone.

As a result of consultation, I decided to take the following route. On this route, you need to use the jump button to get on the steps.

I try to jump the pieces, but I have a hard time saying, 'It's difficult just to tilt the world board and move the pieces, but it's impossible to jump the pieces!'

The rotation of the top stopped while I tried to jump many times. When the magic piece stops, the mouse spirit cannot move, but ...

By using one resurrection potion, you can turn the magic piece again from the stone circle and continue your journey.

However, it is difficult to make the top jump, and the resurrection potion disappears while the top is dropped from the world board or the rotation stops, and the journey of the mouse spirit ends in the middle of the road. It's gone.

I decided to practice jumping, saying, 'I have to clear it to save the spirits!' As a result of hard practice, you can now jump over the road using the jump button.

Jump pieces in 'Spinning Adventure'-YouTube

You can also use the teleport button to learn the great technique of warping on the back of the world board.

Learn Teleport with 'Spinning Adventure'-YouTube

You've learned to jump and teleport, and you're ready to save the spirits. During the practice, I found out who is good at spinning tops and who is good at jumping, so I decided on a world board in charge so that everyone could demonstrate their strengths ...

It's a challenge. The result of the challenge can be seen in the following movie.
Challenge Mission 7 of 'Spinning Adventure'-YouTube

At first, operations such as turning frames and moving / jumping frames seemed to be fairly easy, but when I actually tried it, it was quite difficult, and I was worried, 'Is this really clear?' You will be able to clear it while practicing happily by teaching each other tips and finding your favorite skills. It's a difficult game, so the feeling of exhilaration when you clear it is considerable. There are 56 types of missions in Spinning Adventure, and it was a board game that you could enjoy for a long time until you saved all the spirits.

Spinning Adventure is on sale at Amazon.co.jp for 4460 yen. It can also be purchased at retail stores nationwide.

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