I drank 'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte', which makes it easy to make hojicha latte that warms up with the aroma and gentle sweetness of hojicha.

From October 20, 2020 (Tuesday), ' Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte ' will be available for a limited time at '

Boss Cafe Base ' where you can easily enjoy authentic black coffee and latte just by dividing it with milk or water. It is said that it has a taste that you can feel the aroma and body feeling of roasted green tea, so I drank it with ' Boss Cafe Base Sugar-Free ' and ' Boss Cafe Base Sweetness Moderate ' that were renewed for the cold season.

It's hot and delicious to drink! From the concentrated type beverage 'Boss Cafe Base', 'Boss Cafe Base Sugar-Free' and 'Boss Cafe Base Modest Sweetness' have been renewed, and 'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte' will be on sale for a limited time! | News Release | Suntory Beverage & Food International

The package of 'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte' looks like this.

It has a maple pattern and is a seasonal design.

The product name is 'Hojicha (soft drink) (for dilution)', and the raw material names include sugar, green tea, spices, and sweeteners. The content is 340 ml.

The calorie per 100 ml is 48 kcal.

One bottle of 'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte' is for 10 cups (when one cup is 170 ml), and the amount used per cup is 34 ml. There is a weighing mark on the side of the label, so it is possible to measure one cup based on this.

Let's make a hojicha latte using 'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte'. First, pour only one cup of 'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte' into the cup.

The amber liquid gives off the fragrant and sweet aroma of roasted green tea.

Then, pour the milk in a ratio of 1: 4 as a guide. The ratio of 'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte' and milk can be changed according to your taste, and you can adjust it to 1: 3 if you like dark eyes and 1: 5 if you like light eyes. ..

'Boss Cafe Base Hojicha Latte', which appeared before autumn and winter, is recommended to be drunk hot. The guideline for heating in a microwave oven is 600W per cup (170ml) for 1 minute and 20 seconds.

After warming up, the hot roasted green tea latte is complete. The slightly drifting aroma of roasted green tea, the slight sweetness, and the mellow flavor of milk go well together, making it a Japanese-style hot latte that is perfect when you want to take a break.

In addition, the previously introduced 'Boss Cafe Base Sugar-Free' and 'Boss Cafe Base Sweetness Modest' have been renewed before the cold autumn and winter.

The names of the ingredients haven't changed since they first appeared in March 2020, but the package says 'HOT is delicious!'.

It seems that 'sugar-free' and 'moderate sweetness' are recommended for both latte and black, and the standard is cafe base: milk or water = 1: 4. Before the cold season, I heard that it was deliciously renewed even if I drank it hot, so I warmed it in the microwave and made it a hot latte. In the case of black, you can make a hot drink just by pouring hot water directly.

The 'sugar-free' hot latte has a strong coffee aroma, giving the impression that the mellowness of the milk has a crisp coffee taste. At the time of the renewal, Suntory's original ultra-deep roasted espresso was introduced, and it was designed so that the roasted aroma of coffee stands out even when drinking hot.

'Moderate sweetness' was a hot latte that let you feel the taste of coffee and also taste the faint sweetness.

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