'Flying car' gets permission to drive on public roads in Europe

The world's first foldable propeller developed by the Dutch

PAL-V, the flying car ' PAL-V Liberty ' that supports both driving and flying, has been approved to run on public roads in the EU. We are one step closer to the realization of the release.

Dutch flying car gets permission to drive on European roads

World's First Flying Car Hits The Road | PAL-V

The PAL-V Liberty is a 'car that can fly in the sky' that can fly with a 197 horsepower flight engine and a foldable propeller on the top, and can also run on the road with a 100 horsepower running engine and three wheel tires. '. The propeller is automatically deployed and stowed, and can be transformed from driving mode to flight mode in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Such PAL-V Liberty has passed public road driving permit tests such as high-speed curve test, brake test, and exhaust gas inspection, and obtained public road driving permit in Europe. The Dutch Automobile Authority has issued a license plate.

You can watch PAL-V Liberty actually running on a public road in the Netherlands in the following movie.

Flying Car PAL-V Liberty Hits The Road --YouTube

'The license plate is small, but it's a big step for us,' said Robert Dingemanse, co-founder and CEO of PAL-V.

PAL-V Liberty roars and runs through the streets of the Netherlands. The maximum speed for both running and flying is 180km / h. The cruising range is 1315km when traveling & 400-500km when flying, and the continuous flight time is 4.3 hours.

Seen from behind, it's obvious that it's not a normal car.

The interior looks like this, and the seating capacity is two people.

Only PAL-V Liberty that appeared in the movie got permission to drive on public roads, and in order for all PAL-V Liberty produced to get permission to drive on public roads, the Dutch Automobile Authority conducted a quality standard inspection of the production process. After that. In addition, PAL-V Liberty must pass the European Union Aviation Safety Agency's exams to obtain a flight permit, and PAL-V plans to clear all issues by 2022.

The selling price of PAL-V Liberty is 500,000 euros (about 61 million yen). In response to the news that PAL-V Liberty has obtained permission to drive on public roads, it is said that a sales contract for 30 cars has already been concluded and payment has been completed.

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