New PV &amp; visual release of the movie version '<span translate="no">Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba</span>' depicting the fierce battle of Purgatory Anjuro vs Akaza

In order to fully convey the charm of

the movie version 'Demon Slayer' infinite train edition , which is a hit with record momentum, the motif is the fierce battle of the climax in the work that was completely hidden in the PV so far. New visuals and new PV have been released.

'Theatrical version' Devil's Blade 'Infinite Train Edition' is now available PV --YouTube

The ban on visuals and PV was lifted in the ' Kimetsu TV Infinite Train Edition Public Commemorative Special ' distributed on ABEMA on October 25, 2020 (Sun).

Devil TV Infinite Train Edition Public Commemorative Special | [ABEMA] Japan's Largest Anime Channel

In the program Gate (( Kamado ) Tanjiro Kamado (( Tanjiro ) The role, Natsuki Hanae, Kamon襧 Bean child (( Nezuko ) The role, Akari Kito, My wife (( Agatsuma ) Zenitsu (( When ) The role, Hiro Shimono, Beak (( Hashibira ) Inosuke (( Inosuke ) In addition to the role of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, it will be the first appearance Purgatory (( Purgatory ) Anjuro (( Today ) The role, Satoshi Hino, and the enemy of the movie version as a special guest Yume (( Enmu ) The role, Daisuke Hirakawa, will also appear.

After a talk about each character played in the work and the situation that each character fell into, a new PV and visuals will be shown in the talk part with the theme of 'Den the hot battle of Purgatory Anjuro !!' It has been published.

The visual is purgatory holding a flame-clad sunflower sword and heading to purgatory with all its might. Akaza (( Akaza ) At the moment when it was released, the cast members also said 'cool'.

In addition, the appearance of Akaza is a secret until the release, and the cast in charge is '

Evangelion New Theatrical Version ' as Kaworu Nagisa, ' Gintama ' as Kotaro Katsura, ' Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinchu ' as Yurakutei Yakumo, etc. It has also been hidden that he is Mr. Akira Ishida, who is known for his work.

The following comments have been received from Mr. Ishida.

From the time I saw the script, I felt that Akaza was definitely a straightforward character, regardless of good or evil. And not only Akaza, but also the prison is a character that makes sense. I'm hitting because of the difference in the lines. I thought the contrast was interesting. We hope you enjoy your work at the cinema.

In addition to this, as cast information that was hidden, Kyoujuro's father, Toshiro Maki (( Shinjuro ) The roles are ' Detective Conan ' Kogoro Mouri, ' Baki ' Retsu Kaioh, Rikiya Koyama, and Anjuro's mother. Rui (( Ruka ) The roles are ' BLACK LAGOON ' Levi, ' Pocket Monster Diamond & Pearl ' Hikari, ' Suite PreCure ♪ ' Siren / Kurokawa Ellen / Cure Beat Megumi Toyoguchi, and Anjuro's younger brother. Senjuro (( Senjuro ) It was also officially announced that the roles will be ' Spider-Man ' Peter Parker (dubbed) and ' Touken Ranbu ' series Kunihiro Horikawa's role Junya Enoki.

In addition to this, after the screening at 16:40 on Saturday, October 31, 2020, Natsuki Hanae, Satoshi Hino, and Akira Ishida will be on stage for the ' Open Thanksgiving Stage Greeting & Simultaneous Live Broadcast Nationwide '. It was also announced that '' will be implemented. The theater will be TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, and will be broadcast to theaters nationwide. Tickets are scheduled to be sold sequentially from 24:00 (00:00 on 28th) on October 27, 2020 (Tuesday).

The movie version of 'Demon Slayer' Infinite Train Edition is now on sale as a big hit. Merchandise items will be added to the theater from October 30th (Friday).

Distribution: Toho / Aniplex

2020/10/25 22:55 Addendum:
The new PV has been played 290,000 times in an hour since it was released on YouTube.

You can purchase the DVD and Blu-ray of the movie version of 'Demon Slayer' infinite train on Amazon.

Amazon | Theatrical version 'Devil's Blade' Infinite Train Edition (Normal Edition) [Blu-ray] | Anime

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