Stickers that can repel solicitations and sales with the idea of 'billing a malicious vendor' are being distributed for free

If you open the door in response to the intercom, many people will be caught in door-to-door sales of suspicious products or mysterious religious solicitations. Mr.

Nikaido produces and distributes stickers to repel such malicious door-to-door sales and solicitations at the front door.

This is the sticker being distributed. Under the sentence 'Entrance reception fee', 'Our house is charged for visiting sales, greetings from vendors, solicitation of other religions, and similar reception', 'Basic fee is 3000 yen every 5 minutes' is written. .. The yellow, black, and red coloring makes the line of sight go unwillingly when it is displayed in front of the house, and when you look at it seriously, 'If you press the doorbell, it is considered to be consent' 'If you do not pay, it will be judged as mischief and reported' 'Responding' It is written that 'will be recorded', so I certainly hesitate to press the doorbell.

The high resolution version of the sticker can also be downloaded from Mr. Nikaido's blog. Access the following URL ...

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Click 'Click here for high resolution JPG' to display the high resolution version of 3496 x 2364 pixels. The data size is about 1.62MB.

In addition, Mr. Nikaido says, 'Please use at your own risk', so if you really want to post a sticker, please make a decision after carefully considering the impact on the surroundings.

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