Neo-Nazi and white supremacist movies are popular on TikTok, and management announces that measures will be strengthened

Racist movies such as neo- Nazis and white supremacy are all the rage on the short movie sharing platform ' TikTok '. In response to these issues, TikTok announced that it will step up its efforts to address hate speech on the platform.

Countering hate on TikTok | TikTok Newsroom

TikTok says it plans to do more to tackle hateful content

On October 21, 2020, TikTok announced that it will improve its policies and actions to prevent malicious ideologies from taking root on the platform. TikTok has been cracking down on content that denies neo-Nazis, hate speech such as white supremacism, horocoast and other slaughter, but now the scope of the crackdown will be white supremacism and 'white'. Has been genocide , ' white genocide conspiracy theory, discriminatory content on identity- supremacy-identitarianism, and conversion therapy for pseudoscientific attempts to change an individual's sexual orientation. We are planning to expand it to include the idea that 'it will never become LGBTQ + by nature '.

These tightening of regulations is rooted in the fact that it has long been accused of increasing the power of discriminatory forces such as neo-Nazis on TikTok.

Pointed out that neo-Nazis are expanding their activities to the short movie sharing application 'TikTok' --GIGAZINE

In August 2020, a movie that became a victim of the Holocaust (genocide) recorded 6.5 million views on TikTok. There was also a situation in which the Auschwitz Museum issued a statement that it 'hurts (survivors') hearts.'

'Holocaust Victims' on TikTok Popular with Young People, Museum Complains: Current

TikTok explained that this policy change follows the EU's participation in the EU 's Code of Conduct for Countering Illegal Hate Speech in September 2020. 'Our ultimate goal is to get rid of hate from TikTok. This looks difficult to achieve, but we're ready to take on the challenge,' he said.

Prior to the announcement of TikTok, Twitter and Facebook have announced 'Prohibition of Holocaust Denial'.

Following Facebook, Twitter also bans postings denying the Holocaust --GIGAZINE

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