A movie that plays the play video of 'DOOM' with Minecraft sheep appears

In '

Minecraft ', a mod that can change the body color of the sheep appearing in the game in real time and play the play video of the popular shooting game ' DOOM ' has appeared.

Here's Doom running on some Minecraft sheep, sort of | PC Gamer

You can see how DOOM's play video is being played on Minecraft from the following movie.

Playing Doom on Minecraft sheep-YouTube

When the movie starts, the first thing you see is a large number of sheep, one of the animals that appear in Minecraft.

It looks like this when the viewpoint changes. Sheep are trapped in a fenced space.

When the playback of the DOOM play video started in the upper left, the color of the sheep's body changed as if it reproduced the play video.

Since one sheep expresses one color, the resolution is very coarse, and it is not exactly the play image itself, but when viewed from above, you can see that something close to the play image is reproduced.

Movies in addition, Rick roll famous songs ' Give You Up also MV of' had been reproduced in sheep.

This movie uses the MOD '

rottenplayer ' for Minecraft that changes the color of the sheep in the same way as the input video. Developer Tray Del Bonis explains on the mod's public page, 'We will allow you to play videos on Minecraft sheep. Originally made to play the MV for Bad Apple !! ' I will.

In fact, a movie that reproduces 'Bad Apple !!' with Minecraft sheep has also been posted.

Bad Apple !! played on Minecraft sheep [original] --YouTube

In a black-and-white image like a shadow picture, you can see more clearly how the image and the color of the sheep are linked.

In the past, DOOM regenerated with a pregnancy test has also been released.

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