'Fanta Premier Peach' is a refreshing drink with a refreshing finish of the rich sweetness of peaches with carbonic acid.

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Fanta ' brand, which is a staple of fruit-based sparkling beverages, ' Fanta Premier Peach ' has been newly introduced, which allows you to enjoy the rich taste of white peach with ground puree. The peach flavor, which was especially popular among the Fantas of all time, has evolved into a full-fledged adult taste with the ground white peach puree, so I actually drank it.

The second 'Premier Series' for adults! 'Fanta Premier Peach' will be released nationwide from October 19th: The Coca-Cola Company

'Fanta Premier Peach' has the Fanta logo drawn on the image of carbonic acid bubbles blowing out from the peach fruit.

And mashed puree of white peach, a fruit juice of white peach, yellow peach has been blended 13%, even in raw materials name 'Peach (white peach, cherry)' is

the beginning has become a. Other raw materials are fruit juice glucose liquid sugar / carbonic acid, flavoring, acidulant, antioxidant (vitamin C), marigold pigment.

Calories are 44 kcal per 100 ml. Since the content is 380 ml, the calories per bottle is about 167 kcal.

Since the ground white peach puree will settle, it is recommended to gently turn it over once without shaking before drinking to mix the whole.

Below is how to slowly turn it over once and then pour it into a cup. Since it is a slight carbonic acid, the carbonic acid is slightly crackling. When poured into a glass, a rich peach scent like a peach nectar drifts around.

'Fanta Premier Peach' is a slightly carbonated drink with a slight crackling of carbonic acid-YouTube

When you drink it, the rich taste of peach spreads in your mouth as if you chewed the peach fruit. At the moment of drinking, you can feel the natural sweetness of fruit instead of the sugary sweetness that you would normally feel in Fanta, and the aftertaste is refreshing thanks to carbonic acid. It was an impressive drink with the gorgeous aroma of white peach that remains after drinking.

'Fanta Premier Peach' can be purchased at convenience stores nationwide from October 19, 2020 (Monday). The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 150 yen excluding tax.

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