Daring Tact achieves the first ever 'Undefeated Mare Triple Crown'

The 25th Shuka Sho was held at Kyoto Racecourse on Sunday, October 18, 2020, and the most popular Daring Tact won. This is the sixth mare to achieve the triple crown, and the first undefeated achievement in history.

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The winning Daring Tact is Epiphaneia, whose father won the Japan Cup and Kikuka-sho, and Daring Tact, whose mother has not won one race. It was born in April 2017 at Hasegawa Ranch in Hidaka Town, Hokkaido. The first bid was made in Seri City at the age of 0, and the following year, in Seri City at the age of 1, it was sold to Normandy Sarabread Racing for 12.96 million yen.

In November 2019, he won the debut new horse race and the Elfin Stakes in February 2020 in a row, and also won the Oka Sho, which was the second most popular.

2020 Oka Sho-YouTube

In addition, Yushun Himba (Oaks) also won in response to the most popularity and won two of the three mare races.

2020 Oaks-YouTube

After the Oaks, he went straight to the Shuka Sho in the final round of the Triple Crown without any other race. Again, it was the most popular and won as expected. The achievement of the Triple Crown of Female Horses was achieved undefeated in the sixth record following Mejiro Ramone (1986), Still in Love (2003), Apapane (2010), Gentildonna (2012) and Almond Eye (2018). Is the first time in history.

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