Microsoft Edge may proceed with the same 'ad blocking invalidation plan' as Google

In Microsoft's web browser 'Microsoft Edge', Google the company to develop a joint Chromium is an extension configuration file manifest was decided to adopt a version of 3 (Manifest V3). Chromium's Manifest V3 has a policy of restricting the use of extensions such as ad blocking, and Microsoft Edge is also more likely to disable ad blocking.

Manifest V3 changes are now available to test in Microsoft Edge --Microsoft Edge Blog

Microsoft will adopt Google Chrome's controversial Manifest V3 in Edge • The Register

Since January 2020, Microsoft has revamped its web browser to publish Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Chromium version 'Microsoft Edge' officially released, it looks like this when actually using it --GIGAZINE

In addition, Google, the developer of Chromium, has been promoting measures from 2019 to apply `` Manifest V3'' that disables the ad blocking function to Chromium in order to protect ads that are a source of income from extensions that block ads. It was clear that there was. This measure has been criticized by many users and ad blocking feature developers.

Chrome's 'ad blocking disabling plan' turns out to be still ongoing-GIGAZINE

On October 14, 2020, the Microsoft Edge development team reported on Microsoft's official blog that Microsoft Edge will also adopt Manifest V3 as Google pushes to disable ad blocking on Chromium. The development team said, 'We will support the changes proposed as part of Manifest V3. Once the changes made by Manifest V3 are finalized in Chromium, the developers will have time to respond and share the update schedule. I will do it. '

The development team reports that changes made by Manifest V3 will not compromise the performance of existing extensions. In addition, Manifest V3 has already been applied to beta in Microsoft Edge Insider , a Microsoft Insider program.

While deciding to adopt Manifest V3, the development team said, 'We recognize the value of content-blocking extensions. We respect the choices of users who block ads and enhance privacy by blocking cookies. We want to evaluate the role and continue to provide these features to developers, 'he said, suggesting that it doesn't completely disable extensions such as ad blocking.

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