I tried 'Thick-sliced Colby-Jack Avocado Burger' with juicy patty & thick-sliced cheese and avocado at Kur Aina.

A new burger ' Thick sliced Colby Jack Avocado Burger ' that combines ripe avocado with 'Colby Jack Cheese', a popular ingredient of Kur Aina that combines

Monterey Jack and Colby Cheese, will appear on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. I am. I was wondering what the taste of the burger with ripe avocado added to the ' thick sliced Colby-Jack cheeseburger ' that appeared in 2019, so I actually tried it.

Excellent compatibility with Kur Aina! Introducing the thick-sliced Colby-Jack avocado burger!

Arrived at Kur Aina.

At the store, the desired 'thick-sliced Colby-Jack avocado burger' was widely appealed.

So I bought it and came back. When you buy a burger at takeout, it will be delivered in a box like this.

Pull the knob that says 'OPEN HERE' ...

Open the box. A pick is stabbed from the top of the wrapping paper to prevent the hamburger from collapsing.

When I opened the wrapping paper, I saw 'Thick sliced Colby Jack Avocado Burger'. There are three types of buns: Kaiser roll, brioche, and whole grain flour, but this time I chose the clerk's recommended 'Kaiser roll'.

Comparing the size of the burger with a 15 cm ruler, the diameter of the buns was about 10 cm, and it was about 15 cm including the protruding ingredients.

The height is also about 9 cm.

The ingredients under the buns are lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, Colby-Jack cheese and beef patty.

When you eat a bite, the first thing you'll notice is the juicy umami that bursts out of the giant beef patty. Since the patty itself has a light taste, I was able to enjoy the aroma of well-baked beef and the 'feeling of eating meat' as it is. The characteristic Colby-Jack cheese is mild with no peculiarity, but as it is 'thick sliced', you can feel the volumey and rich richness. This golden combination of meat and cheese is combined with the richness of avocado, which is also known as 'forest butter,' creating a burger that combines the taste of natural ingredients with a solid sense of satisfaction.

'Thick sliced Colby-Jack cheeseburger' can be ordered at Kur Aina nationwide from October 14, 2020 (Wednesday), and the price is 1219 yen excluding tax.

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