The new 'Google Nest Audio' has enhanced bass and can be paired with two for stereo sound, so I actually tried using it.

Google's smart speaker ' Google Nest Audio ', which appeared on October 15, 2020, is a terminal for 'people who are particular about sound' with 75% louder volume and 50% enhanced bass than Google Home. You can enjoy stereo sound by pairing two Nest Audios, and by grouping multiple Nest Audios, you can play sound at the same time even with Nest Audios in different locations. I actually tried using what kind of sound it is.

With Google Nest Audio, you can get powerful sound at your fingertips-Google Store

You can see the appearance of Nest Audio from the following article.

Google's smart speaker 'Google Nest Audio' reborn with overwhelming sound opened & photo review --GIGAZINE

Nest Audio is equipped with a 19mm tweeter that reproduces consistent high-frequency coverage and clear vocals, and a 75mm midwoofer that reproduces bass. You can check the sound from the following.

I checked the sound of Google Nest Audio

First, download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Google Home-Google Play app

'Google Home' on the App Store

This time, Google Home was already installed on my Pixel 3, so open the app.

Tap 'Try it'.

Select the account to link and tap 'OK'.

Tap 'Next'.

You will be asked about access to location information, so tap 'Do not allow' this time.

You will be asked if you want to turn on Bluetooth, so tap 'Turn on'.

When you tap 'Allow' ...

'Nest Audio' was found. Is displayed, so tap 'Yes'.

After a while, you will hear the sound from Nest Audio, so tap 'Yes'.

The message 'Please help us improve the functionality of Nest Audio' is displayed, but this time we will set it at the fastest speed, so we will postpone what can be postponed. Tap 'Close'.

Select the location where you want to use the device to help you manage when you have multiple devices. Select 'Office' and then tap 'Next'.

In addition, select Wi-Fi and press 'Next' ...

Tap 'OK' to use the Wi-Fi password saved on the device.

This completes the connection. Press 'Next'.

Nest Audio has enhanced sound, but of course you can also use the voice assistant, so we will set the sound. Tap 'Next'.

Tap 'Agree'.

When you read the message displayed on the screen ...

Setting completed. Tap 'Next'.

You will be asked to save the voice recording, so tap 'Later'.

'You can use account-based information by voice,' but this is skipped.

Select the music service to use by default from 'YouTube Music', 'Spotify', 'dHits', 'AWA', and 'Uta Pass'. If you don't have a service you normally use, it's safe to use 'YouTube Music' or 'Spotify', which you can use for free, because you can't proceed unless you choose either one. After selecting, tap 'Next'.

For the video service link, tap 'Later'.

'Later' for voice calls

'Deliver the latest information' is also skipped, so press 'Close'.

This completes the setup. Press 'Continue'.

Tap 'Later' for 'Details of Nest Audio operation'.

This really completes the setup.

So the home screen of Google Home looks like this. The Nest Audio you set up is recognized as an 'office', so tap here first.

You can adjust the volume of the 'office' speaker, play it, and skip it from here. Since the service used by default is 'YouTube Music', Taylor Swift's 'cardigan' was played from YouTube Music. This time I want to play the music file in the terminal, so tap the gear icon on the upper right.

Tap 'Paired Bluetooth device'.

Tap 'Enable pairing mode'.

Next, open 'Settings'-> 'Connected devices'-> 'Pair with new device' of Pixel 3 and tap 'Office'. Connect via Bluetooth.

Tap 'Pair'.

Now that the device and Nest Audio are complete, let's see what it actually sounds like.

I checked the sound of Google Nest Audio-YouTube

It looks like there are no buttons on the front, but you can pause or control the volume by tapping the top or corner of the main unit.

I tried touching Google Nest Audio-YouTube

You can also enjoy stereo sound with Nest Audio by pairing two speakers. I bought two of them this time, so I decided to actually try them.

Tap '+' at the top left of the home screen to open 'Add and Manage'.

Select Device Setup.

Tap 'Set up a new device at home'.

Select 'Home' and tap 'Next'.

From here, we will do the Nest Audio setup work that we did earlier for the second Nest Audio.

When the work is completed, two devices will be displayed on the home screen like this.

When I open the second device 'Office', it looks like this. Again, tap the gear icon at the top right of the page ...

Select 'Speaker Pair'.

From here, you can enjoy stereo sound music by pairing the two devices. Tap 'Next'.

Set the pair target of 'Office' to 'Office 2' and tap 'Next'.

The LED light on the front of the speaker blinks, so select whether the blinking side is to the right or left. This time, select 'Left' and tap 'Next'.

Tap 'Next' with the default setting of '' Office 'pair'.

Press 'Finish'.

If you open 'Settings'-> 'Connected devices'-> 'Pair with new device' of Pixel 3 as before, 'Office pair' will appear this time, so tap it. You now have a Bluetooth connection with the two Nest Audios.

When you actually play stereo sound with Nest Audio, it looks like this.

I paired two Google Nest Audios and played stereo sound-YouTube

Furthermore, if you have two or more Nest Audios, you can 'group' them to play music at the same time. Open 'Add and Manage' from '+' at the top left of the home screen and tap 'Create Speaker Group'.

Select multiple devices and tap 'Next'.

Keep the default speaker group name 'Homegroup' and press 'Save'.

Then, a 'home group' was created like this.

When you tap the 'not playing' part ...

The volume of each device could be adjusted collectively from here.

By grouping, you can play music at the same time using Nest Audio located in another location.

I grouped two Google Nest Audios and played them at the same time-YouTube

If you are playing music on Google Play Music using your smartphone and earphones, press the mirroring button at the bottom of the screen ...

'Office', 'Office 2', 'Homegroup', etc. will appear as cast destinations, so you can move the music you are listening to from your smartphone to Nest Audio simply by making this selection.

In addition, Google Nest Audio is available in two colors, white 'choke' and blackish 'charcoal', and the price is 11,550 yen including tax.

Buy Nest Audio (Sand) GA01587 --Google Store

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