Facebook totally bans content that denies the Holocaust

Facebook updates its

hate speech policy to ban the posting of content that denies or distorts the Jewish genocide ( Holocaust ) by Nazi Germany during World War II, October 12, 2020 Announced on the date.

Removing Holocaust Denial Content --About Facebook

Facebook has been working on hate speech for some time. According to Facebook's Vice President of Content Policy, Monica Bickart, the policy has been updated to ban more than 250 white supremacist communities and address far-right conspiracy theories such as QAnon and extremist groups. It was said that. Facebook also announced on October 8, 2020 that it will ban the use of QAnon altogether.

Facebook bans conspiracy theorist group 'QAnon' altogether-GIGAZINE

However, not only is Facebook the main place of activity for Holocaust denialists, but when searching for 'Holocaust' on Facebook, the algorithm recommends books that claim Holocaust denial, and 'Facebook is the Holocaust. It has become a hotbed for spreading the denial theory to the world. '

Facebook points out that it is actively promoting the 'Holocaust denial' --GIGAZINE

Mr. Bickard claims or claims that nearly a quarter of Americans between the ages of 18 and 39 believe or claim that the Holocaust is a myth, or are uncertain that the Holocaust is a historical fact. 'We have decided to change our policy because of the growing global anti-Semitism and the surprising ignorance of the Holocaust, especially among young people,' he said.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, 'Today we are updating our policy on hate speech to ban the denial of the Holocaust. We have long praised hate crimes and mass murders, including the Holocaust. We've deleted posts, but with the rise of anti-Jewishism, we're further expanding our policy of banning content that denies or distorts the Holocaust. If users search for the Holocaust on Facebook, we Will direct you to a reliable source for accurate information. I stand up for freedom of expression and the harm of diminishing or denying the Holocaust's fears. I've been struggling with tensions between them. My own thoughts have evolved as data showing increasing anti-Jewish violence and policies on hate speech have become more widespread. Acceptable words and unacceptable It's not easy to draw the right line between words, but in the current world situation, I think this is the right balance. '


Following Facebook, Twitter also bans postings denying the Holocaust --GIGAZINE

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