I bought 'Gyoza Dog', which is a combination of juicy dumplings with juicy gravy and the skin of a meat bun, and tried it at Ministop.

Chinese steamed bun ' Gyoza Dog ' has appeared in Ministop from October 2, 2020. Chinese buns, which are made by wrapping gyoza dumplings with the flavor of Chinese chive in a dough with a chewy texture, are said to be a dish that Ministop presses as 'Chinese buns for gyoza lovers', so actually buy and eat it. Saw.

Gyoza Dog | Product Information | Ministop


Arrived at the Ministop store.

That's why I bought dumpling dogs.

When you put it on a plate, you can see that it has an elongated shape unlike meat buns.

The vertical length was about the same as a 15 cm ruler.

When I cut it in half, it looks like this. Gyoza dumplings are packed in the skin, which has both a fluffy texture and a firm texture. The scent of Chinese chive and the flavor of garlic are stronger than those of ordinary meat buns, but the overall impact is softened by being wrapped in thick skin. However, the garlic and leeks enhance the taste of the juicy gravy, so as Ministop says, it is a 'Chinese bun for dumpling lovers' that is a bit different from ordinary Chinese buns.

Gyoza dogs can be purchased at Ministop nationwide from October 2, 2020, and the price is 183 yen including tax.

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