'Mank' trailer starring Gary Oldman, a new director of the trauma movie 'Seven' directed by David Fincher, is now available

Netflix's new work ' Mank / ', directed by David Fincher such as the movies '

Seven ', ' Alien 3 ', ' Fight Club ' and ' Gone Girl ', depicts Herman J. Mankywitz, the scriptwriter of the masterpiece ' Citizen Cane '. The trailer for ' Munk ' has been released. Citizen Kane was highly acclaimed and was nominated for nine categories at the 14th Academy Awards, but due to the screening movement of the newspaper king William Randolph Hearst , who became the model for the movie, the work was only awarded the screenplay award. Gary Oldman plays Mankiewicz, who writes the script while suffering from alcoholism.

MANK | Official Teaser | Netflix --YouTube

The words 'You can see it in a theater nearby!' Overlap the black-and-white video, and the trailer has the atmosphere of the 1940s when Citizen Kane was released.

A man under Mank (act: Gary Oldman) lying on the bed visits.

'It's time for us to talk,' ... looks back on the past.

Two cars visiting the place labeled 'NORTH VERDE RANCH'.

A woman wearing a pine needle can goes to the premises of the building.

The bed tells you to come in.

With a huge mansion ...

Grand party

With Hurst (act:

Charles Dance ), who became a model for Citizen Kane ...

Movie actress

Marion Davies (act: Amanda Seyfried )

Two people snuggling up.

And Mank who keeps writing earnestly.

Mank, who had been drinking so much that he was told that he was trying to commit suicide by drinking, was in a state where he needed to be taken care of.

While the romance between Hurst and Davis unfolds ...

Mank, who was told, 'I gave you a second chance,' seems to have no end.

'How wealth affects'

Mank continues to write as if obsessed.

What came out of the car ...


'You chose to fight William.'

'Is the end'

A liquor bottle falls from the sleeping mank's hand.

Mank will be released in theaters in the United States in November 2020, and will be distributed on Netflix from December 4th.

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