Facebook announces removal of voting posts with words reminiscent of combat and military

In the United States, where protests and riots are taking place over racial discrimination, the US presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It has been pointed out that confusion and riots may occur before and after the vote, and Facebook has announced a policy prohibiting the promotion of voting with words reminiscent of the military and combat.

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In the 2016 US presidential election, many Facebook posts and advertisements were made to create a gap in American public opinion, and it is said that it had a great influence on the election. In response, Facebook announced in the 2020 presidential election that it would 'block political ads a week before the presidential election,' and Twitter also announced that it would strengthen the protection of 'important accounts' to prevent confusion. , Google has also come up with measures such as removing some of the 'auto-complete function' that predicts search words.

And on October 7, 2020, Facebook announced a new policy change to ban posts calling for votes in military language. This is believed to be the result of Donald Trump Jr.'s criticism of using Twitter and Facebook to urge him to vote with a military phrase, 'Please join the election security operation.' ..

Guy Rosen, Facebook's Vice President of Integration, said: 'Voting was done by using military language, using intimidation and control, or by showing power to voters and stakeholders. Facebook will remove the promotion, 'said the announcement. This policy does not remove the statement 'come to vote and join us', but it does remove phrases that are more explicit about combat and the military. However, this policy does not have retroactive power and does not apply to posts made in the past.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes in the 2020 presidential election that 'there is a potential for people to be exposed and violent, or at least some form of violence,' and the above policy changes It seems to reduce the risk of causing violence.

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by Anthony Quintano

Facebook also announced that it will suspend political advertising on all Facebook services after the vote is over. This will reduce the possibility of operations performed while the votes are being counted.

'Advertising is an important way to express people's voice, but after the vote is closed on November 3, we will suspend advertising for social issues, elections, politics, etc. to reduce the possibility of confusion and violence. We will notify advertisers when the policy is lifted, 'Rosen said.

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