The second trailer of the movie 'Free Guy' where a man who realizes that he is the background character of the game saves the world is on sale

The second trailer of the movie '

Free Guy ' has been released, in which a mediocre banker who realizes that he is the background ( mob ) character of the game decides to become the main character of the story. In this trailer following the first trailer released in December 2019, the story that the main character Guy played by Ryan Reynolds of the movies `` Deadpool '' and `` Detective Pikachu '' will save the world from chance , The romance with the heroine played by Jody Kammer is dug deeper.

Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios --YouTube

The main character, Guy, woke up in a refreshing morning.

'Free City' where Guy lives is a person who shoots flame radiation ...

It is a world where people who shoot rockets while sliding in the air with a zip line exist naturally.

Guy's eyes, confessing, 'I have everything I want, except for one ...', is nailed to a woman.

A guy who follows a woman and straddles the railroad tracks.

A train running at a tremendous speed bounces off such a guy.

A guy who wakes up and regrets his teeth.

Guy talks to the goldfish, 'Today is different than usual.'

With courage, he talks to the woman who is looking at something with a telescope, 'What are you looking at?'

Guy who was laid down by a woman in an instant and asked 'Who are you?' ...

Answer the woman, 'We met last time. You see, by that murder train ...'.

The woman's name is Morotov Girl. As a matter of course, while teleporting next to the guy, he cuts out 'I have something to tell'.

'I can't say it well, but this world is a video game.'

When a guy puts on and takes off his glasses ...

Display that seems to be the status of the character ...

Items that are on the ground may or may not be visible.

Eventually the two became intimate and Guy said, 'I want to kiss you. Is that strange?'

'Listen, you're not real,' Morotov Girl said.

Guy and Morotov Girl still kiss.

A woman is staring at these two people through the screen. The identity of Morotov Girl was the game programmer Millie.

'Wait a minute. Who did you kiss?' Said Keith, a colleague programmer.


Keith, who can't believe that Guy 'has become a resident of the game world,' is skeptical that 'the game shouldn't have such a button.'

Millie replies to Keith, 'He found the button.'

Thinking of his best friend Buddy and the people of the city, Guy says, 'Millie, I know this world is just a game, but the people in this world are all me.'

The figure of Guy who decided to become the main character of his story gradually became known to the real world as a 'man in a blue shirt (guy)'.

A real-world man calling himself a rule breaker declares war on Guy.

'Guy, this game will be shut down in two days,' said Millie, Morotov Girl.

'If that happens, you and this city will disappear.'

Guy seems to have some thoughts about Morotov Girl, 'What if I could save the world?'

You can release the rocket cannon that you took out as an item ...

When you stop the time, the battle of guys who save the world in a game-like way begins.

The movie 'Free Guy' will be released in the United States on December 11, 2020. Initially, it was scheduled to be released on January 22, 2021 in Japan, but it was moved forward on January 8.

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