The trailer of the documentary film 'TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL' that follows the Trump administration's support for the new corona is now available

The trailer for the documentary film '

TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL ', which tracks measures against the new American coronavirus infection (COVID-19), was released on October 2, 2020. The directors are Alex Gibney, who won the 89th Academy Award for Best Documentary Film for the movie ' Taxi to the Dark Side' .

TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL --Official Trailer --YouTube

The first COVID-19-infected person in the United States was identified in Washington.

Intercepting the interviewer's words, 'It's said to be a pandemic ...', President Trump replies, 'No, that's not the case. Everything is okay.'

'No matter what happens, we are completely ready.'

'We scientists knew what to do to respond to the pandemic. Even though the plan was right in front of us, the leaders didn't try to do it.' Scientists testify.

The testimony continues. 'It's clear that the United States wasn't able to reach its full potential against the coronavirus.'

'What was wrong?'

'Political leaders have caused avoidable death and destruction. That's the truth.'

'Scientists were ringing alarms on a daily basis, but the government did nothing.'

Meanwhile, President Trump said, 'One day, it disappears like a miracle.'

'I have a gift from heaven,' he said. The reaction of scientists to the president's words is ...

'It's a complete word. I have no idea what I'm talking about.'

Witnessing a lack of leadership, scientists decide to break the rules and warn Americans directly.

However, President Trump has begun to lock out scientists who are unwilling.

'They started blaming others for the pandemic, so there was a risk of retaliation. Frighteningly, the death toll in the United States continued to rise during that time,' said an expert.

President Trump has accused the crisis media of 'fake news.'

To a reporter asking, 'Are you responsible?', President Trump replies, 'No, I'm not responsible at all.'

A female reporter who makes a mistake.

'The situation is totally under control.'

The documentary film 'TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL' will be released on video-on-demand services such as Apple TV +, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube from October 13, 2020, and will be watched on Hulu from October 20. It will be possible.

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