Free 'Google Meet' unlimited use until March 31, 2021

On September 29, 2020, Google announced that it will extend the free and unlimited use of the video conferencing tool ' Google Meet ' to March 31, 2021.

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Google extends unlimited Meet calls for Gmail users through March 2021 --Android Authority

Unlimited Google Meet Calls for Free Users Extended Until March 31 | PCMag

In response to growing needs due to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), Google made the video conferencing tool 'Google Meet' free of charge in May 2020.

Video conferencing tool 'Google Meet' to be free-GIGAZINE

At the time of the announcement of the free of charge, Google stated that 'unlimited use is possible until the end of September 2020', and as originally planned, from October 2020, the maximum number of minutes that can be used in one meeting is 60 minutes. Was expected.

The free version of 'Google Meet' will be limited to 60 minutes per meeting after September 30th --GIGAZINE

Samir Pradan, Group Product Manager at Google, updated the official blog on September 29, saying, 'As a proof of our commitment, if you have a Gmail account, from today to March 31, 2021. You will continue to have unlimited access to the free Meet 24 hours a day. '

Pradan explained why he decided to extend the unlimited offer period ahead of the holiday season when important events such as family reunions, PTA meetings, and video weddings are held while traveling is not easy. With that in mind, I wanted to continue to help those who are in contact with Meet. '

The Android Authority, which handles Google-related news, explained to Pradan, 'In short, Google acknowledges that the impact of COVID-19 will continue for the foreseeable future. As Google says, many people are for the time being. , You will have no choice but to attend events or celebrate your holidays online. ', a tech media outlet, said, 'Google Meet is just one of the free video conferencing services that experienced the boom of the COVID-19 epidemic. Competing video conferencing tool Zoom was launched in April 2020. Has 300 million daily users, but Google Meet has 100 million, 'he said, citing that maintaining competitiveness was the reason for the extended unlimited period.

Meanwhile, appreciates Google Meet: 'We have previously tested popular conferencing tools Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to see which one is better.' Google Meet won the overall championship thanks to its high productivity and the security features of Google's business service G Suite. It 's not worth using for Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but depending on what you want to use, Google We recommend using Meet. '

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