The portrait of 54 Roman emperors restored from sculpture by AI is super real

A realistic portrait of the faces of 54 emperors who ruled the Roman Empire between 27 BC and 285 AD has been released using AI.

Photoreal Roman Emperor Project. 54 Machine-learning assisted portraits | by Daniel Voshart | Medium

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Below are portraits of 54 Roman emperors created by Canadian designer Daniel Voshart. Mr. Voshart said that he used Photoshop and ' Artbreeder ', a neural network tool using a hostile generation network (GAN), to restore the face of the Roman emperor from a total of 800 historical materials such as sculptures. ..

Of the following, the left is a

Caligula sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the right is a portrait created by Mr. Voshart based on it. According to the book ' Personal Appearance in the Biography of the Roman Emperors, ' which summarizes records of the appearance of successive Roman emperors, Caligula 'had a brutal light that afflicted people.' The physiognomy of Caligula, which cannot be seen in these white sculptures, is vividly reproduced by AI and Mr. Voshart.


Nero, who is famous as a tyrant, looks like this. It looks like it has a nasty look on it, but according to the book mentioned above, it was 'a face that I like rather than attractive.'

According to Mr. Voshart, the reproduction of the face using AI was not OK with any data. In an interview with the science news site Live Science, Voshart said, 'There is a rule of thumb

in the field of programming,' Garbage in, garbage out ', which also applies to Artbreeder. Therefore, using a well-lit bust image with less damage and standard facial features made it much easier to obtain results. Conversely, the condition of the material If it's not good or the lighting is bad, it will produce an unrealistic image. '

'My goal wasn't to make the emperor romantic or heroic,' Voshart said of the artwork. Therefore, when choosing a bust or sculpture, the emperor made it during his lifetime. I tried to choose what was given to me, 'he said, pursuing reality as a living human being.

However, some emperors, such as Marx Aemilianus Aemilianus , who reigned for only three months, have few materials such as sculptures and literature. In that case, he restored his face from the coins issued during his reign.

Voshart puts the portraits of the 54 emperors he created in a painting 24 inches long and 36 inches wide (about 70 cm x 91 cm) and sells his own items at the online shop Etsy. The price is 72 Canadian dollars (about 5600 yen) per sheet, and when combined with the shipping fee to Japan of 9.35 Canadian dollars, the total is 81.35 Canadian dollars (about 6400 yen).

Print 24x36in Roman Emperors The Principate Choose | Etsy

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