Is there a 'stress-relieving diet' or a 'fat-burning diet' that blows away stress just by eating?

With the new coronavirus infection, many people are feeling the effects of stress and suffering from depression and anxiety disorders , and the ' stress-relieving diet ' is suddenly attracting attention. Dietitian Monica Reinagel explains whether there really is a diet that can relieve stress just by eating it, and how to prevent stress from getting fat on your stomach.

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According to Reinagel, 'physiological stress,' which is a physical stress response, is often different from 'psychological stress,' which people feel when they are complaining about stress. Therefore, even foods reported to be 'effective for stress' in studies focusing on physiological stress do not always improve the mood.

An example of a study focusing on physiological stress is the 1999 study , which investigated the relationship between blood glucose levels and hormones. David Ludwig, the doctor who led the study, gave 12 teenage boys diagnosed with obesity a diet with a glycemic index (GI) in three stages to determine changes in blood sugar and blood hormones. I looked it up. GI is a number that expresses the degree to which the blood sugar level rises when ingesting food, with glucose as 100, and indicates that the higher the GI, the easier it is for the blood sugar level to rise.

As a result of Ludwig's experiment, it was found that the blood sugar level fluctuated in children who ate a diet with a high GI. In addition, the hormone adrenaline, which is closely related to the stress response, was also higher in children who ate a diet with a high GI.

While it has been suggested that eating a diet high in GI, such as sugar and refined carbohydrates, is associated with stress, some researchers make the opposite claim. In his book, The Serotonin Power Diet , Judith Wartman, founder of a weight loss facility at Harvard University Hospital, refined to stimulate the production of the stress-resistant neurotransmitter serotonin. He insisted that he should consume large amounts of carbs.

'The reason the two scientists seem to be inconsistent is that they are measuring something completely different,' Reinagel said of the experts' claims that seemed to be the opposite. I am saying.

According to Reinagel, of the adrenaline and serotonin that were the focus of the above two studies, serotonin is more closely related to 'feeling good', which is directly linked to psychological stress. .. As Ludwig revealed, high levels of refined carbohydrates can raise and lower blood sugar levels and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes , but carbohydrates alone stimulate serotonin secretion. There is none. According to clinical psychologist Ellen Hendriksen , serotonin is secreted by a few minutes of aerobic exercise, sunbathing, and even just doing something good or smiling.

Based on these findings, Reinagel concludes, 'Unfortunately, many of the articles on'stress-relieving diets' are scientifically unfounded or unfounded lantern articles.'

Meanwhile, Reinagel points out that the intestinal flora (microbiome) can affect both stress hormones and neurotransmitters. 'Including microorganisms that give a good effect on the human body probiotics prompt and food, the growth of microorganisms that give a good effect on the human body prebiotic foods, to reduce anxiety and depression, help to improve the psychological situation Maybe. '

Examples of probiotic foods include fermentable soy products such as natto, miso and tempeh , and lactic acid fermented vegetables such as pickles.

In addition, although dietary fiber is an example of prebiotic foods, it is more effective to ingest various types of dietary fiber from food than to ingest a single type of dietary fiber in supplements. .. That's why Reinagel recommends a balanced dietary fiber intake from grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

In addition, Reinagel responded to a question from a listener on his podcast , 'Are there any foods that can help you get rid of the fat you've accumulated with stress?' Expecting to burn fat, which is a type of stored energy, is like expecting ice to warm coffee, 'said foods that burn fat in the abdomen. I answered that it does not exist.

'The best way to prevent stress from getting fat is to reduce stress levels,' Reinagel said, recommending five ways to relieve stress:

• Limit your viewing of news to the minimum necessary to get the latest information and avoid consuming disheartening news.
・ Go out every day so that you will not be immersed in the Internet.
・ Avoid feeling depressed by enjoying uplifting books, movies, music, or meeting friends.
・ Move your body in a way that you can enjoy.
・ Get enough sleep.

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